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Have a Great School Year!

Time to wrap things up!

I hope your child has had a good year here at Columbus Elementary. It is so fun to watch them grow and change as the year goes by! Now is time for them to get lots of fresh air and exercise, play, and be with friends. If you would like to help them stay a little caught up for school, keeping a bedtime reading routine is one great way to do this. Our Public Library has created a Summer Reading Program that is filled with fun activities.

Have a great summer. We will see you back starting August 23rd!


***Remember, as the year goes on, if you have a question or if something just doesn't sound right--please contact your child's teacher. Most all of them have given out numbers where you can reach them either at school or in the evening.

Marlene Deis (mdeis@columbus.k12.mt.us)
Elementary Principal

**Below is just a little more information that may help you out:

Income Change...You can apply for free and reduced lunch year round.
Remember you can check your child's progress any time on Infinite Campus. You can also use that to check their lunch balances. Please keep those out of the red. We have to have our records cleared at the end of every month and cannot have negative balances. If your household income has changed recently, you can always get a form from Melissa to petition for free or reduced lunch rates.

Lunch Prices:    Students - $2.00        Guests - $3.25
(Please call the office before 9:00 if you plan on eating a school lunch so that we can have enough food sent from the HS)
Snack Milk (grades K, 1, 2)    $0.45

***This year students will not be allowed to carry over a balance in their lunch accounts at the end of the year. Students with less than $10 will be given the cash to take home. Students with more than $10 will have a check sent to their homes. ***

***School Day times:
     School starts at 8:10 each day. Grades 3-5 will come in first and then at 8:15 grades K-2 will come in. We ask that students not be on the playground until 8:05. Supervision starts at that time. Our doors will be unlocked at 8:05.
     School is dismissed at 3:15 for students in grades K-3 and 3:25 for students in grades 4 and 5. Wednesday is early out and all grades are dismissed at 2:30. If you are waiting for your child, please wait outside on the playground. We bring all of the students out the main doors, so you should be able to see them come out. Please be prompt when picking up your child. It can help us avoid some of the panic attacks the little ones have when they don't see you.

 ***Infinite Campus Information:
     If you are reading this, you probably already know all about our Infinite Campus website. In this location, you can check your child's lunch balance, their attendance, and their grades. You can also click on the teacher's name and get taken to their specific web site. Here you will find all kinds of information like what will be taught that week, news for the class, and educational web sites that are linked right to the page. Teachers are asked to update these regularly, so everything should be current. We do  have a couple of new teachers that have not gotten their sites linked up to our system yet, but be patient, they will soon.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher, Melissa (the secretary), or me at 322-5371.

LINKS for you to visit:
Up-coming Events

May 15 - 4th Grade field trip
May 17 - 5th Grade conservation Field Trip
May 19 - Kindergarten Field Trip
May 22 - AR celebration and 100 Point party
May 23 - 2nd Grade Field Trip
May 24 - AR Payday and Store
May 25 - Field Day and annual BBQ Lunch
May - 26 - End of Quarter 4, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
                 End of Year Assembly 8:30, Dismissal at 11:00
August 22 - Back to School Open House (4-6 pm, tentatively)
August 23 - First Day of School!!!

 AR Home Connect: This site will allow you to track the reading quizzes your child has taken and see how they did.