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Wow! Happy Fall. I think it came in with a winter disguise on today! Hard to believe a week ago it was 90 degrees. You have to love Montana. Enjoy all of the fall activities.

Welcome back to Columbus Elementary. It is great to have all of our students back under our roof. The start of school has been great.

This year I am excited to let you know we have started a breakfast program. It will be served in the classroom after the students come in. It will be a Grab and Go type of meal that they eat in class. Students that receive free or reduced lunch will also receive free or reduced breakfast.

As the year goes on, if you have a question or if something just doesn't sound right--please contact your child's teacher or me right away. We will listen to your concerns and try to make things right. Most of the teachers have given out numbers where you can reach them either at school or in the evening. This is especially important in this age of social media. We would much rather learn of an issue directly from you first instead of  from rumors or posts on Facebook or other social media outlets. We really try to do the right thing because we all care about the children we work with. Thanks for your consideration of this.

Let's have an AWESOME year!

Marlene Deis (mdeis@columbus.k12.mt.us)
Elementary Principal
321-2021 (cell)

**Below is just a little more information that may help you out:

Income Change...You can apply for free and reduced lunch year round.
Remember you can check your child's progress any time on Infinite Campus. You can also use that to check their lunch balances. Please keep those out of the red. We have to have our records cleared at the end of every month and cannot have negative balances. If your household income has changed recently, you can always get a form from Melissa to petition for free or reduced lunch rates.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices:    Students - $2.00        Guests - $3.25
Guests will not be allowed to eat breakfast with their child since we are doing a grab and go breakfast that students eat in class after the morning bell rings.Guests are allowed to eat lunch with their child at any time.(Please call the office before 9:00 if you plan on eating a school lunch so that we can have enough food sent from the HS)
Snack Milk (grades K, 1, 2)    $0.45

***School Day times:
     School starts at 8:10 each day. Grades 3-5 will come in first and then at 8:15 grades K-2 will come in. We ask that students not be on the playground until 8:05. Supervision starts at that time. Our doors will be unlocked at 8:05.
     School is dismissed at 3:15 for students in grades K-3 and 3:25 for students in grades 4 and 5. Wednesday is early out and all grades are dismissed at 2:30. If you are waiting for your child, please wait outside on the playground. We bring all of the students out the main doors, so you should be able to see them come out. Please be prompt when picking up your child. It can help us avoid some of the panic attacks the little ones have when they don't see you.

 ***Infinite Campus Information:
     If you are reading this, you probably already know all about our Infinite Campus website. In this location, you can check your child's lunch balance, their attendance, and their grades. You can also click on the teacher's name and get taken to their specific web site. Here you will find all kinds of information like what will be taught that week, news for the class, and educational web sites that are linked right to the page. Teachers are asked to update these regularly, so everything should be current. We do  have a couple of new teachers that have not gotten their sites linked up to our system yet, but be patient, they will soon.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher, DeAnne Nelson (the secretary), or me at 322-5371.

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Up-coming Events

Sept. 25 - NO SCHOOL - PIR day for teachers
Oct. 2 - 1:15 Buckle Up Blue for Lauren presentation at HS (We won't go, but parents are encouraged)
Oct. 5 - End of 1st Trimester midterm
Oct. 11 - Elementary Individual Picture day with Lifetouch
            - Midterms sent home today
Oct. 19, 20 - NO SCHOOL, Teachers' MEA Convention
Oct. 31 - Halloween Parade and Parties (parade 1:45, parties right after until 3:00)
Nov. 7 - Parent/Teacher conferences 4-7pm
Nov. 9 - Parent/Teacher conferences 4-7pm
Nov. 10 - NO SCHOOL - Vacation day
Nov. 15 - Class pictures and Individual Retakes
Nov. 22 - 1st Trimester ends
Nov. 22, 23, 24 - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Vacation
Nov. 29 - Report Cards sent home today
Dec. 21 - Class Christmas Parties (time to be announced)
Dec. 22-Jan. 2 - NO SCHOOL - Christmas/Winter Vacation
Jan. 3 - First day back for 2018 (Happy New Year)
Jan. 17 - 2nd Trimester midterm ends
Jan. 19 - Midterms sent home today
Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day Parties 1-2:00pm
Feb. 16 - NO SCHOOL - Vacation Day
Mar. 2 - End of 2nd Trimester
Mar. 9 - Report Cards sent home today
Mar. 30-Apr. 2 - Spring Break/Easter Vacation
Apr. 17 - 3rd Trimester midterm ends
Apr. 20 - Midterms sent home today
Apr. 30 - NO SCHOOL - PIR day for teachers
May 24 - Annual Field Day/Bike Rodeo and Hot Dog BBQ
May 25 - LAST DAY (Assembly 9:00, Dismiss at 11:00)

 AR Home Connect: This site will allow you to track the reading quizzes your child has taken and see how they did.