Starring Our Diary

Like Anne Frank, we, Slovene and Dutch children have written in our diaries!

DIARY OF ANA HERGOUTH from Kamnik, Slovenia

THE HOLLAND HERRING 3D EXPERIENCED BY SLOVENES: we can tell Ana likes herring very much!

Day 1: Sunday, 18th March 2007

Today was D-day. The first day of our Netherlands-Slovene exchange. It all Started at 2pm at the airport Brnik in Slovenia. Our plane to Amsterdam took off at 3.30pm. We had a nice fly and two hours later we put our feet on the Dutch land. Then we went to pick up our baggage ( luckily, noones baggage was lost ) and we took a train to Leiden. In Leiden our host families were waiting for us. And after the five months we finally saw our Dutch friends again. What a nice moment! glimlach Then we went home with our families and we had a lovely dinner. After the meal I just took a shower and went straight to the bed. I almost immediately fell asleep, dreaming about all the nice things we are going to do in next few days. 

 Day 2: Monday, 19th March 2007

Today I had such a great day! I got up at 7 o'clock, I cleaned my teeth and everything and then I had breakfast with Michael. I ate bread with peanut butter! Mnjami glimlach After the breakfast we went on the bus to the school. First we had a tour round the school. And we (the Slovene pupils of course) were just thinking: Ooo... What a huuuuuge school!! Yeah, it is a realy nice school. There you have so many corners where you can eat your lunch or just chat with friends. I like it!!glimlach Then I went with Michael to his German class. It wasn't very interesting for me, because I don't learn German at school and I didn't understand a single word. But it is nice to see how the lessons go in the Netherlands. After the German lesson we worked on the project in the computer room. We were at school for quite some time but at 2pm we (finally) went home.Then me and Michael were at home and we didn't do anything very special. I caled my mum to tell her that I'm still alive. glimlach I also spoke with my friends at MSN. In the evening the whole group went to the bowling centre. I was bowling with Michael, Marinte, Iris and Nina. I wasn't very good at it, but I had a lots of fun anyway.

Day 3: Tuesday, 20th March 2007

I woke up at 7 o'clock. I had breakfast with Michael and then we went to the school. First two hours we (the Slovene pupils) were working on the computers and the Netherlands pupils had their own classes. But after that we all came to the art class. We were doing posters on theme TOGETHER. Michael and me did a great poster with a flag who was a mixture of Dutch and Slovene flag and underneath the flag we draw the Netherlands and Slovenia. On the poster we also drew hands with different types of skin and that was representing a different and unique nations together in Europe. I really like the poster we did. And others also had awsome posters. In the afternoon we went to see the city of Leiden. It is a beautiful city. I'm so impressed by the architecture of the Netherlands. Those cute, small houses are so adorable. I love them glimlach After the tour I went with Vanessa, Eva and Ariadna to Marloes's house. There we were chatting and we also wrote some postcards to our families. Heh... I hope that I won't forget to send them... In the evening we went to Marinte's house. We had some kind of party. It was great! glimlach

Day 4: Wednesday, 21th of March

Today we went to the Amsterdam!!! Waaaa... What a nice city. First we went on a tour witha a boat. We went through the city canals. I was admiring the houses and everything. We went  past Anne Frank's house and I was just thinking: " There she was, hiding in a little place, writing thoughts in her diary not knowing what is going to happen with them". It really made me think about our world. After the tour we went to the NEMO. This is a big house of science. I love science so I had a great time there. We were there for a couple of hours and then we went on a tour round the city (walking tour glimlach ). It was quite interesting! Well that was the whole trip, at 5 o'clock we took a train back to Leiden. 

DIARY OF ARJEN from the Netherlands and Tine from Slovenia

Day 1: to Schiphol or airport with the train. To the plane with a luggage transporter, really cool. The airplane was pretty cool but also small. When we took off it was really cool.

In the plane I could eat pieters sandwich, and I drank weird coca.

The view out of the plane was really great. We saw the Alps from out the sky.

The airport was really really small. When we were on the airport we changed money and went with busses to the school. There we did some games, and went to our hostes. 

Day 2 : woke up, ate sausages

and went to school, and from there in to a bus and we went to a big cave. That was really beautiful. In one of the big caves there was a river, it was quite impressive. While I was walking I cut my finger on a fence.

After this we went to the sea, there I bought an ice cream, sunned,  watched to a skating fool (sorry for the language) and went in the sea with my feet. Annemarie felt in the water so she was wet.

We had a lot of food so that was pretty funny.

Day 3 : woke up, ate something, and went to a hill (they say it was a small hill I thought it was a mountain). The way up was hard, but when we were almost at the top the view was astonishing, it was it all worthy.  The way done was much easier.

After that we went to a swimming pool called Atlantis. They say it is big,  but compared to the tikibad it's nothing. We stayed there 3 hours. It was a lot of fun.

I heard about the legend of a snake woman who protected a treasure. Really nice.


Day 4 : Woke up, ate hagelslag.

 went to school and followed the lessons, they were pretty boring. In the afternoon whe went outside, playing and talking, after that we went to the computer room. Then we played football outside. We went to home, ate, studied Television, played STARWARS BARTTLEFRONT and in the evening we played pool, ofcourse we (the dutch people) won. And to bed.

Day 5 : woke up (like every morning), ate and went to school, and that's where I'm now.

                     The dairy of Tine Makovec

First day! 

When I arrived at the airport in Amsterdam, Arjen and his family waited for me. They are very nice and friendly people. We had a very good dinner and we talked a lot, but it was nice. We played nintendo, it was cool

Second day!

I woke up and we went to school with a bike it was very cold. My hands were frozen. And in the evening we went bowling.

3 day

We were in school and then we went  swimming.

4 day

We went to Amsterdam.



I woke up at 10:30 and than I did nothing till 13:30. At 13:30 I went to the airport where we checked in and waited to board the plane. The plane took off and the ride was mostly OK. At the end it got a little rough. After the plane landed on Amsterdam airport we travelled to Leiden by train. There Hugo and his father picked me up and drove me home. At home we ate diner (some typical Dutch food) and then I wrote an E-mail and then we talked and then we went to bed.


The next morning we went to school by bike. Most of the day was really boooooooooooooooooooring. After school we went home and then Matic came and then he went home again. Ant then me and Hugo had a snack. After the snack we went to meet the others so we could go to the bowlingcentre. After the bowling we all went home and then we had diner (ragout and rice). After the diner I wrote an E-mail and had a shower and then I went to bed.


Another boooooring day at school. And then we went to Leiden. After the tour we went to eat in a MacDonalds. Then we all went to school and then me and Hugo went to the market to eat stropwafels. At about 19h we went to the swimming pool. When I came home I I wrote an E-mail and had a shower and then I went to bed.


We went to Amsterdam. First we went on a boat trip and then we went to NEMO. After that we went on a tour around the city.


This is diary of Marloes J. :


Today it was the big day! We went with the train to airport. When we arrived at the school we did some games to learn all the names and to have fun. Then, at half past four, we went to the houses with our family! In the evening we went to Ljubljana. At 10 o´clock we went to home.


Today we went to Škocjanska cave on Kras, Piran and Portorož in Primorska. We had a lot of fun there.

This is diary of Vanessa:

1. Day

We came to the Holland at 17.10, and we landed to Amsterdam, so we took a train to Liden. We were on the train about 30 minutes, their trains are very fast. Marloess parents were waiting for me and Eva at the station. We went to their house. The house is very small, but very beautiful. We have our one room, Marloes is sleeping upstairs, and  her sister is sleeping in her room. Well this is just for this week when we are going to be here.  In the evning Ariadna and Marinte came to our flat. It was very cool to spoke in our language. I can speak with Eva in our language every day whenever I want, but it was diferent, becous we all were tooking, well it was cool. We had very interesting evning. After the dinner we went to our bads. That was all......

2. Day

Today was Monday. We went to school by bus. They said to us that we will go to school with bikes, but they had just two bikes. We came to school at eight o´clock at the morning. First they showed us their school, it is very big. (; And they were explaning to us something about the halls and corridors, but I think that nobody didn´t understand anything. Their school is like circle all the time its around and around......... Ha Ha Ha ! So, you can´t lost, it is very good, special for us. (: Then we went to the german lesson I didn´t understand anything, because I am not learning it! But it was also OK! We were discribing our rooms, I also think that I wrote enough! But in English! smile ha ha ha .... Then we had IT. We were learning about Anne Frank. We had some questions, on the website so we were answering on them. That all was about Anne Frank. 4. day when we are going to Amsterdam, we will see her house. We were also doing something on our gmail site. Wen we finished IT we went home whit our friends. We sad marloes that we want to go shopping, so they took us to their small shop. When we came home we had dinner with Marloes's parents and her sister. I like their food it is very good. Then we wen to beds. That was all...

3. Day

First two houres we were working on the project Every Child is a Star. Next two houres we were working on the some project, but we were drawing some things on the word together. After that we went to Leiden, we saw a lot of beautiful things, they have so diferent houses as we have, all of them are brown. It is very cool. We saw also a lot of canals. It was very nice. We were having a lot of good time.

4. Day

Today we went to capital city of Holland, Amsterdam. We went by train, it was very cool. When we came to Amsterdam we went on the small boat, and we first saw their sea, and then a building called Nemo. Then we saw a lot of typical houses again, and also a lot of canals. We saw a house where Anne Frank was hiding. It was very beautiful. Yes! Yes, Yes ! Then when we finished our tour by boat, we went to see the town. Then we had some free time to buy some stuff. I bought some presents for my grandparents and for my parents. Well then we went back to train and back home.

This is diary of Eva:

1. DAY

We landed on airport. Then we went to the train. We drove to Leiden. Marloes and her parents were waiting for us. Then we went home. They were very kind. I and Vanessa gave them a present. They were happy. We were talking. Then Ariadna and Marinte came. When they left, I and Vanessa went upstairs. I had a shower. Then I went sleep.

2. DAY

We woke up at 7 o'clock. Ibrushed my teeth. Then we had breakfast. We went to school with Ariadna and Marinte by bus. At school I met my friends. We had lessons of German and two lessons of IT. Then we had a brake. We ate. Then we wached two films. Then we went to shopping. When we came home I wrote my diary. Then we had lounch. After lounch we went to the bowling. It was great. Then we went home. I went on computer. I was talking with my Slovenian friends. Then I had shower. Then I wrote my diary and go sleep.

Diary of Anne Frank