My Hero

Here are a few Lesson Plans to jump start your own conversations about heroes:

Have the students in the class write an essay on who their hero is and why. Put the papers into a pile and read them aloud (either with or without naming the student). Then discuss with the class how that hero has positively effected the student.

Everyone in a group writes the name of a person on a 3 x 5 index card and places it into a box. Have one person pick a name out the box and start a conversation about what that person does and whether he or she is a hero.

Write a list of professions on the board (like police officer, firefighter, teacher, etc). Go through each profession one at a time. Have the children name people they know who are a member of that profession. Then discuss whether or not those people are heroes and how they can effect the lives of other people.

Write a list of character traits on the board (like bravery, intelligence, etc). Go through each character trait one at a time. Discuss with the group whether or not these traits would make a person a hero. Then have the group write down which of those traits they see in their friends and in themselves.

Have the class write a short essay about a fictional hero and draw a picture about their essay. Then combine these essays into booklets for the children to keep and share with their parents and friends.

You'll need a watch or timer for this one! On a piece of 8-1/2 x 11 paper, draw a vertical line down the middle to make 2 columns. Title the left column "Hero" and the right column "Reason." Now start your timer, and in 5 minutes see how many people you can name as your hero - and don't forget to write the reason why they are your hero.

Go through your local newspaper looking for stories about people. Read the article aloud to the class. Then discuss why that story was printed in the newspaper. Things to consider: which section is the story located (front page, local section, arts), does the story concern a worldly, national, or local matter, and how often does the topic appear in the newspaper (daily, weekly, monthly).

Have your students write an essay titled, "If I Were a Hero, I Would…" Will they care about their friends, help their parents, be kind to people, say hello to neighbors? This exercise encourages students to think of themselves as heroes and feel good about it.

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