Last man standing

Help raise a few pounds for Marlborough Rovers, have a bit of fun and maybe win a few pounds back too! That's a win, win all round!

Check the RunLastMan competition below. All the instructions and how to sign up details are below. To get involved simply click on the 'Join it!' button below, sign up/in and get your first pick. You can then pay and share with your mates.

Best of luck, and remember to share, share, share as the more players who join in the higher the pot goes.


It is now possible to pay & play this competition by depositing £5 into the Rich Waldrum's (Club Chairman) PayPal account. Rich will do all the necessary entering for you. Simply;

  1. Send your £5 to
  2. Email your team of the week to
  3. If you go through just keep e-mailing your team to Rich each week until you're knocked out or you are the winner!

<<Click Here>> to see the game LIVE