Blog - French 4

01/30: Students made crêpes in the Food's Room thanks to Mrs. Dyer for letting us use it.

12/02: Students started a new chapter about relationships.

12/02: Students recited a poem in French. Keep up with the good work!

10/18: Field Day. The French Club will be selling food.

10/09: We started chapter 3 which deals with legends and fables.

10/07: Essay in class. If you are absent, the essay will have to be made up the day you return to class.

10/04: test on Chapter 1: vocabulary p. 37, imparfait, passé composé, expressions used with the past tense (handout).

09/25: Students are working on a poster about past vacations.

09/24: Students Activities Fair. Come and join the French Club to participate in a lot of fun activities!

09/12: Open House: Students whose parents attend the Open House on September 12 will get extra credit!

08/28: Bring 2 notebooks (one will be used as a journal and will be left in the classroom) and a book cover.