Blog - French 4

03/10: During ELB: French National Exam.

03/09: Students will be making Mardi Gras masks and will enjoy a King's cake made by Nicole. 

02/13: Students will present their speech as a candidate to a future election.

01/30: Students are working on a unit related to society and public services.

01/22: mid-year exam.

01/05: students will work on a unit about elections. 

11/01: the unit this month will be about the print media. 

1201: students will be covering a unit on art.

11/21: Exam on Chapter 6 + survey due.

10/31: Block day. Exam on chapter 4 + project due.

10/24: Spirit Day. Come and buy some croissants. The French Club is fundraising for BeLikeBrit charity.

10/01: We are starting chapter 4 which will cover relationships.

9/30: Exam on chapter 3.

09/18: Project on the Fairy tale due today.

09/18: Open House: Students whose parents attend the Open House on September 18 will get extra credit!

09/15 and 09/16: we will be going to Room 306 to type up the autobiography as well as the Fairy tale essay. 

08/28: Bring 2 notebooks (one will be used as a journal and will be left in the classroom) and a book cover.