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This is my new homepage. I am working in strategy and design-thinking consultation. 

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating or employing me in some capacity. 

Recent News

  • Posterous and Traveling I am now using a posterous blog quite frequently as it is so wonderfully convenient. Mark Whiting's PosterousRecently I traveled to Singapore for a ceremony related to some ...
    Posted 15 Dec 2009, 17:25 by Mark Whiting
  • Changes to Expectations at KAIST Recently, my professor at KAIST has taken a position as Vice Mayor of Seoul City so I forced to find a new one. At this time my research is still ...
    Posted 3 Jun 2009, 06:11 by Mark Whiting
  • Arriving in KAIST I am now at KAIST in Daejeon, Korea. I am embarking on a masters of design management and I have just been given a desk and monitor to work with ...
    Posted 28 Jan 2009, 21:34 by Mark Whiting
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New Ideas and Projects

  • What do we (I) want (in the future)? I want to know what a great future is, so I am going to start listing some things and eventually make a presentation of this idea. Help always wanted :-)Honest ...
    Posted 22 Nov 2008, 12:18 by Mark Whiting
  • Google University (Google Design School) This is an idea that a few people have talked about and that I originally blogged about a few months ago. Recently a friend of a friend showed some interest ...
    Posted 14 Dec 2008, 14:31 by Mark Whiting
  • Communications as Intellectual Currency I like thinking and reading and responding etc. however this is of limited value without some specific activity coming from the time spent. A lot of what I think about ...
    Posted 10 Nov 2008, 19:40 by Mark Whiting
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