Hello.  My name is Mark.  I am an electrical engineer and have worked professionally in software and system engineering for many years.  In my spare time, I enjoy making music and hacking and building all kinds of neat things. 


Over the years I have built up a workshop that has various woodworking tools and machines, many of them homemade.  Of course, the point to having a workshop is to make things, so I have documented many of my woodworking projects here.  One of my latest workshop additions is a computer controlled router, also known as a CNC machine.


I also have always been fascinated with robots, especially those that don’t simply roll around on four wheels.  Many years ago I made my first robot.  Since then I have made others that walk on two legs, slither like a snake, and balance on two wheels.


Another continuing interest is music.  I have played saxophone and piano since I was in elementary school.  Back in the 1970’s when electronic music was in its infancy I built simple analog synthesizers based on designs from magazines and books.  Unfortunately most of the stuff from back then is long gone, but the dream lives on.  I always wanted to make an electronic saxophone and I did that in my Wind Controller Mk I.  About 10 years later I created an updated version that I call the Mk II.  I also have made several analog synthesizers including a custom Paia Fatman, a unique Paia Keyboard, my Chameleon, and my Modulus.  I have an old Yamaha SY99 that I have modified to add a floppy emulator, sample memory, and more. 

 NEW!   I have recently finished work on my MIDI Accordion.  It's an old La Tosca accordion from the 1930s, completely refurbished and renovated and MIDI electronics added.  Check out the videos of me playing the accordion.

There is some original music that I have composed and performed in the music section of this site.  Also there you will find Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite as realized by me on synthesizer, as well as some other music performed by me on synthesizers, wind controllers, and saxophones.


Other things I have put on this website include information about my LED car clock and CAN bus monitor.  Also there are some details about my improved access hot tub deck and other stuff.