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pymp (youtube downloader/mp3 converter)

Pymp is a python based youtube downloader and mp3 converter for Linux-based systems. It is a python/qt fronted for the famous python script youtube-dl.


Pymp is the frontend for and based on the script youtube-dl. youtube-dl is a downloader for videos from certain sites (youtube.com, google video, yahoo video ...). Therefor it is not specialized on one. This program only relies on the availability of the video host. Which is much better than that of the conversion sites. As soon you have the video you can do anything with it. Pymp extracts the audio cuts the silence at the beginning and the end. It converts it to mp3 and it normalizes the audio. That means setting it to a certain amplitude-level so that every mp3 has the same loudness.

And besides other youtube-dl frontends it can run several downloads/conversions in parallel. What it does not provide is what the typical youtube-specialized programs do offer - a fancy UI which basically shows a video list for your search query. That can be done within the browser (of either a laptop or the N900).

The reason why this program was made are

  • All online youtube/mp3 converter are not good - they either suffer from to much traffic, or can't convert something from time to time etc. (even though there are fast for stuff they have in their database)
  • Online converters are down from time to time
  • They are mostly specialized for a certain site (youtube)
  • Many of the online converters are bad to use from my mobile (N900) and I guess many others too - there must be a reason for those youtube-apps
The downloading and the frontend should be runnable on all operating systems which support python - or python supports the OS ;). Only the mp3 conversion is "linuxish".


The complete frontend is based on the script youtube-dl. So the most valuable part is the downloader. youtube-dl is a python script which does all the downloading. This script is able to run on all operating systems where the appropriate python version is available. The frontend also. The only thing which is relying on Linux programs is the conversion to mp3.

The homepage of youtube-dl is http://rg3.github.com/youtube-dl/


Pymp depends on programs that are not delivered with pymp. Those are:

Must have

ffmpeg or mplayer together with lame. At least one of them needs to be available.


  • sox (cutting silcence at the beginning and the end)
  • normalize (adjusting the output volume)


  • The softwares binaries and soucres and bug-tracker and everything you want can be found at googlecode.
  • pymp/downloads on googlecode.
  • On maemo.org you will find the latest builds for maemo.



Main menu

The target URLs have to be added in the main screen.



Maemo 5

Main menu