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Push-It (workout buddy)

Push-It makes your phone to your work out device. Or just a very simple stopwatch. Whatever you need.


If this program is used incautiously you could break your device physically. Always be sure that you use this software and the corresponding hardware in a way that the hardware won't get damaged. This responsibility is up to the user of the software not the authors.


Push-It is a simple one button program. Every time you push that button in increments a counter and does some time calculations.

The purpose of that tool is to help me doing exercises. For example if I do push ups, I do a set of them. But normally I can't count how many push ups I've made, because my thoughts are going in to many directions. But if I want to improve myself one day, I want to do more push ups than usually. So I need to know how many I can do, to do some more.
Therefor I'm in need of some help. Push-It is the solution. It counts every touch it receives and calculates the delta between the last touch and the touch before (time for one push up). It also calculates the delta between the last touch and the first touch (overall push up time). So you know how many pushups you did and also how long it took. And the next time I exercise, I can try to beat myself (if I want to) as I know my exact performance - or have saved it to a file.

For more information you can watch some screenshots or read the examples (including photos and videos). It is also a nice helper tool for the plan to achieve 100 push ups.

Software repository

Currently Push-It can be found in the extras-devel repository. So you need to activate that repository in order to install the program with the application manager of maemo.


The software binaries and soucres and bug-tracker and everything you want can be found at google-code.


The latest builds for Maemo 5 can be found at maemo.org.