"Structured bonds are often viewed as complex and opaque, and traditionally most participants in the securitization and structured finance markets have had a narrow focus on a specific part of the securitization value chain.

However, in the post credit crunch environment, the market is more regulated, standardized,
transparent, and better structured with closer-aligned and more balanced incentives for all participants, more focus on investors and improved comprehension of these bond instruments. In order for the market to succeed, it is vital that all participants take a broader view and understand every part of the transaction lifecycle.

In Securitization and Structured Finance Post Credit Crunch: A Best Practice Deal Lifecycle Guide,
Markus Krebsz draws on his years of experience in the global finance markets to provide a jargon-free guide to the entire lifecycle of securitization and structured finance deals. The book:
  • Introduces much needed sound practice principles, based on lessons learned from the credit crisis
  • Takes the reader through a generic deal’s typical lifecycle stages
  • Discusses each stage of the deal in detail, from ‘Pre-Close’ (strategic aims, feasibility studies, deal economic analysis and transaction documentation) through ‘Close’ (credit ratings, investor appetite/marketability, legal considerations) and ‘Aftercare’ (reporting, surveillance and performance analysis, and redemption)
  • Uniquely brings together information on the features, applications and benefits of all major structured finance data, analytics and infrastructure solutions from vendors including ABSXchange (Standard & Poor’s) , Bloomberg, CapitalTrack, Fitch Solutions, Intex, Lewtan Technologies (ABSnet), Moody's Wall Street Analytics, Principia Partners and Trepp
  • Opens up the author’s personal ‘tool box’ and provides the reader with a comprehensive selection of references, tables, a glossary and other useful resources. Electronic versions of these tools are available from the book’s companion website at
This unique, holistic and pragmatic insight into all deal life cycle stages makes Securitization and
Structured Finance Post Credit Crunch an invaluable reference for all market participants in their efforts to get this important and – if used properly – hugely beneficial part of the capital markets back up and running."

(From the back cover)