Praise for the Book

"Securitization and Structured Finance Post Credit Crunch - A Best Practice Deal Lifecycle Guide"

will available in bookshops in the UK and online from 15 April 2011 and from mid-June in the US and Asia (for a 30% discount on pre-orders please see the promotional code below).

Readers of the proofs have praised the book as a "fantastic practical guide", "very high quality","excellent and well-researched" and "a triumph".

Endorsers, from both academia and the capital markets arena wrote the following about this publication:


"This is a fantastically researched in-depth publication that I learned a great deal from reading and will continue to consult on an ongoing basis. No matter which angle you come from this should be a must-read for all market participants both old and new.”

- Martin Sampson, European ABS Business Manager, Bloomberg L.P.


"Markus Krebsz has written a book that is both encyclopaedic in its coverage of the structured products business and a model of clarity of exposition."

Paul Wilmott, Author, researcher, consultant and lecturer in Quantitative Finance.

"Krebsz has provided a thorough and helpful reference book on all aspects of structured finance. For the layman, the opening chapters will provide a useful account of the processes and motivations behind structured finance products. For those involved in the ongoing management of data and risk processes, the detail in later chapters on systems and infrastructure available is unique and it is good to find all of this information in one place."

- Faten Bizzari, Principal at Eastfield Capital Ltd.

"Markus Krebsz has written an authoritative text on the practicalities of securitization, providing a wealth of detailed information on the lifecycle of a typical deal. As the market for structured finance
products comes gradually back to life, this book is likely to become a valuable reference for market participants."

- Prof. Alexander J. McNeil

Department of Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics,
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences,
Heriot-Watt University


Markus Krebsz has achieved a rare feat. He has written a book about securitization that is practical and useful for practitioners but at the same time provides enlightenment to the general reader.

When the structured finance markets froze up as a result of sub-prime contagion in July 2007, many practitioners walked away, assuming the game was over for good. But Krebsz, who has worked for a variety of global financial institutions remained a firm believer, always confident the market would come back - albeit perhaps in modified form. He took advantage of the lean years to write this book.

The book provides real value-added for market practitioners of what is a mind-numbingly complex area, including easy-to-follow lifecycle charts of structured products, detailed checklists, graphs and illustrations. In the second half he also talks you through how to use some of the new analytical and risk management tools available from Principia Partners, Bloomberg, and others.

Given the recent dribbles of new issuance, Krebsz was right to persevere with the market, and one of his main predictions (which almost verges on a plea) is that when securitization does fully return, it will be characterized by "transparency, standardization and simplicity" - traits which seemed noticeable by their absence during the rapid growth years of 2003-07. In the introduction to his chapter on Bloomberg he reveals how the expected transformation of the market has been galvanized by the shift in power away from issuers and towards investors. Clearly, if the investors are in charge, they are going to be alot more discriminating about what what they actually buy.

Krebsz is a passionate believer in the need for a healthy securitization market. If all market participants and investors were to read learn and inwardly digest this book, common sense would doubtless prevail.

- Ian Fraser is a Financial Times correspondent and
   consulting editor at Bloomsbury Publishing's Qfinance


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