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Risk (R)evolution: Current Trends & Challenges in Credit & OpRisk
Glasgow-Caledonian University, London, 19th Sept. 2012

½-day work shop (co-presented with Dr. Robert Webb)

Basel 3 - Tactical Implications & Strategic Considerations,
Marcus Evans 'Capital Adequacy and allocation' conference,
London, 12th Sept. 2012
½-day work shop (co-presented with Jay Tikam, MD of Vedanvi)

Securitisation World 2011 Conference, 5th - 7th Dec 2011, London

6th Annual Stress Testing Conference - 02 Dec 2011, London
Topic: "Product Taxonomy and Model Risk: Putting the Beans back into coffee"

CISI Evening lecture/ Student event - 15 Nov 2011, London

Photo call, HMS Belfast - 22 June 2011, London
                                                                                          (Photo: Tom Laycock)

In the TV documentary "Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box" (the sequel to "Quants - Alchemists of Wall Street") - 31 Jan 2011, Dutch TV
(Click to watch the whole documentary)

'Inaugural Risk Colloquium', Scottish Financial Risk Academy - November 2010, Edinburgh


'Robust Risk Management' workshop with Paul Wilmott and
Nassim Nicholas Taleb - July 2010, London

Bloomberg event 'European Securitisation post Credit Crunch'
- June 2010, London

Utility Credit Rating Criteria Workshop for the World Bank and the Southern African Power Pool, SAPP - Feb 2010, Gaborone (Botswana)

'The Risk of Over-Reliance on Ratings - An Insider's View',
SII Workshop- June 2
009, London