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‘Operational Risk: The Regulatory Environment’
1-day lecture as part of the lecture series 'Managing Operational Risk in Financial Insitutions',
Glasgow-Caledonian University, London campus, 16th Nov. 2012

‘Operational Risk: Introduction & Key Drivers’
1-day lecture as part of the lecture series 'Managing Operational Risk in Financial Institutions',
Glasgow-Caledonian University, London campus, 9th Nov. 2012

‘Basel 3 - Clinic’
CubeMatch Company presentation (Internal), London, 24th Sept. 2012

‘Risk (R)evolution: Current Trends & Challenges in Credit and Operational Risk’
½-day work shop (co-presented with Dr. Robert Webb), Glasgow-Caledonian University, London, 19th Sept. 2012

'Basel 3 – Tactical Implication and Strategic considerations’
½-day work shop (co-presented with Jay Tikam, MD of Vedanvi), Marcus Evans ‘Capital adequacy and allocation conference’, London, 12th Sept. 2012

‘Credit Ratings Basics for Utilities & Key elements of the Credit and Governance Risk Rating System’
1-day World Bank work shop & seminar, Manila, Philippines & London, UK (via video-conference), 19th April 2012

Global Financial Markets & the Recent Credit Crisis: Impressions from a Personal Journey and Lessons for the Future
Royal Holloway University London, Egham, 22nd March 2012

‘Product taxonomy – Practical application and implications’
CubeMatch Training session (Internal), London, January 2012

Conference Chair: ‘Securitisation World 2011’ (1st day) &
Panel moderator: ‘Rating agency debate: CRAs post Credit Crisis and counteractions by the agencies?’

Terrapinn’s Flagship Securitisation conference in London, scheduled for 5th – 7th December 2011

‘Product taxonomy and Model risk management: No coffee without beans?’
6th Annual Stress Testing conference, London, scheduled for 30th November – 2nd December 2011

‘Demystifying Credit Ratings - An Insider’s view’
CISI Evening lecture, London, scheduled for 16th November 2011

‘Product taxonomy: Approach & Case Study’
CubeMatch Company Update (Internal), London, October 2011

‘Risky Ratings: Reducing Over-Reliance on Ratings and Adopting Agencies’ analysis sensibly’
The Scottish Financial Risk Academy’s inaugural Risk Colloquium, Edinburgh, scheduled for November 2010

'Back to Basic: The Importance of Restoration of Securitisation as a Funding Tool'
Global ABS Conference, London, June 2010

'European Securitisation post Credit Crunch' (Panel moderator/ Chair)                          
Bloomberg's flagship Structured finance evening event, London, June 2010

'Rating agencies – Q & A: The Risk of Over-Reliance on Ratings – An insider's view'
CISI CPE/CPD Seminar, London, June 2010

'Introducing the CISI's Risk Forum'
CISI Cross Professional Interest Forum, 'Mathematical Modelling: Cause or Solution of the Banking Crisis?’, London
, April 2010

'Utility Credit Rating Criteria Workshop'
Four-day workshop on behalf of the World Bank, Gaborone (Botswana), February 2010

'Change management in an Uncertain World: The Human Aspect of Organisational change'
SII IT Forum, London, July 2009

'Rating agencies: Q&A'
SII CPE/CPD Seminar, London, July 2009

'Credit Rating agencies: Do we need them and if so, what is the value of ratings?'
Meettheboss.com, Live online discussion (Moderator), Webinar, June 2009

'Rating Agency Surveillance and Rating Actions: Investors' and Regulators' Roundtable'
Global ABS Conference, London, June 2009

'Rating agencies: The Risk of Over-reliance on Ratings'
SII Risk Forum, London, February 2009

'Recent developments in Post-issuance deal reporting'
Ninth German and Northern European ABS Summit, Hamburg, Germany, July 2005

'The Fitch Issuer Report Grades'
Second Hanseatic Securitisation Forum, Hamburg, Germany, July 2005