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Markus Krebsz is a Strategic management consultant with expert knowledge in Securitisation & Rating agency spaces and advisor to the World Bank with 18+ years experience in the global financial markets.

Internationally recognised conference speaker and experienced workshop conductor.

CISI Workbook reviewer for ‘Risk in Financial Services’, ‘Operational Risk’ & ‘IT in Investment Operations’ and committee member of both, the CISI's Risk and IT forum.

Currently acting as credit rating expert to the World Bank as part of various large-scale projects involving government-owned entities of several African nations.

Also managing a major UK banking group`s Risk solutions team: Designed the firm`s `lending commitment index`, ultimately to be used by HM Treasury (UK) and the Bank for International Settlements.

Prior to that established and managed Bank of Scotland Treasury's Surveillance & Performance analytics team, overseeing a portfolio of 1,450 bonds totaling in excess of USD100bn.

Ex-Primary analyst for Fitch's corporate & infrastructure securitisation team focusing on trade receivables, leases, and inventory and government-related deals. Before that in the performance analytics team covering transaction surveillance and heavily involved in innovative product development.

Acting in a variety of advisory and consultancy capacities and member of various working groups providing insight, opinion and innovative capital markets solutions.

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