Where to Buy

My novels are widely available.


Here are the links to where you can order my books, in alphabetical order. (The Amazon links go to one of 13 countries in which Amazon sells my books. If you live in one of those countries, the link will take you directly there. If not, it will default to the U.S.)

Fiction (ebook)

  • Aliens Versus Zombies! 
    • Amazon (in 13 countries) -- Coming in July 2015
  • My Other Car is a Spaceship 
  • Sunrise Destiny 
  • The Mars Imperative (Book One)
  • The Tesserene Imperative (Book Two)
  • The Imperative Chronicles (Books One and Two combined)

Fiction (audiobook)

  • My Other Car is a Spaceship 
Nonfiction (ebook)

  • Frequently Misused/Misspelled Words and Phrases 

However you choose to order, you have my heartfelt thanks, as well as that of my dogs, my cats, my children, my wives--oops! I guess the cat's out of the bag now.... 

I hope you enjoy my books!