The Tesserene Imperative

(Book Two of The Imperative Chronicles)

4.6 stars on Amazon

4.6 stars on Goodreads

  • Title: The Tesserene Imperative
  • Publisher: Empty Sea Intergalactic Enterprises
  • Format: eBook 
  • Words: 101,700
  • Pages: 317 
  • Publication date: August 1, 2014 
  • Amazon order link: Kindle e-book

The Tesserene Imperative is the second book in The Imperative Chronicles. It follows nine years after the end of The Mars Imperative and takes the quest for minerals a bit farther out. In this story, the five-man crew of Shamu, a deepspace prospecting ship, explores other star systems for raw materials--especially tesserene, the mineral that makes starflight possible. Unfortunately, its rarity is keeping humanity pinned to Earth. So little of it has been discovered that most of the reserves have to be used in the hunt for more tesserene and other ores.

While exploring a distant asteroid belt, they suffer a calamity that nearly destroys their ship. Now, with little air, less water, a dead starflight drive, and no way to call for help, they have to figure out how to survive, 70 light years from home. After barely surviving, they continue exploring and prospecting and make an incredible discovery in the shadow of a distant moon--a discovery that leads to first contact.

The Tesserene Imperative was my first novel. But because I couldn't think of a sequel to follow that story, I decided to write a semiprequel next. (Thus was born The Mars Imperative.)

I say "semi" prequel because although the two books are set in the same fictional universe, there is very little overlap between the stories. (Think McCaffrey's Brain Ship series, or Saberhagen's Berserker series.) The Mars Imperative is set entirely in our solar systemon Earth and Mars, in and around the space elevators orbiting both planets, and during trips between these planets. By contrast, The Tesserene Imperative is set almost entirely in deep space. 

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