The Mars Imperative

(Book One of The Imperative Chronicles)

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  • Title: The Mars Imperative
  • Publisher: Empty Sea Intergalactic Enterprises
  • Format: eBook 
  • Words: 104,100
  • Pages: 280 
  • ASIN: B00LTATR22
  • Publication date: July 14, 2014 
  • Amazon order link: Kindle e-book
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The Mars Imperative is the first book in The Imperative Chronicles series.

The premise of the series is that nearly 200 years from now, mankind is still largely stuck on Earth. The population has grown into the tens of billions of people. Cities have merged into megalopolises of 50 million or more souls. More people mean more buildings, more vehicles, more of everything but natural resources. Raw materials of all kinds are in desperately short supply--iron, copper, aluminum, beryllium, lead, you name it. Oil, gas, and coal are gone, and food consists largely of subsistence-level proteins and kelp. The only way to survive is to mine the solar system short-term and expand to other systems long-term.

But that's easier said than done. The solar system beyond Earth is inhospitable in the extreme. And the stars unfathomably far away.

The Mars Imperative concentrates primarily on the mining and colonizing efforts on Mars. Mars is a frontier town, filled with prospectors and mining camps. It’s a place of deadly dust storms and near-vacuum atmosphere. And then there’s the terrorist. 

When James McKie leaves for his first job in space, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Traveling to Mars is harrowing enough. Surviving once he gets there is another matter entirely. Yet there is a discovery waiting to be made, one that could open Mars to human colonization—if it doesn’t kill everyone first.

The second book in the series is The Tesserene Imperative. With a similar backdrop to that of The Mars Imperative, this story takes place in deep space where prospectors seek tesserene, the extremely rare mineral that fuels the starflight drive.

The only real connection between the characters and events in the two books comes in the final chapter of The Mars Imperative, where the protagonist, James McKie, meets a young man named "Swede" Johansen. Swede goes on to become the protagonist in The Tesserene Imperative

After finishing The Mars Imperative, I decided to write a sequel, set four years after the events in The Tesserene Imperative, and fourteen years after The Mars Imperative, which brings together some of the characters from the first two books (including both protagonists) in a new adventure. The  Galactic Imperative is about half-written. I'm also thinking about a prequel to the prequelBook 0?set in the asteroid belt 23 years before The Mars Imperative.

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