Other Publications

Short stories, poetry, humor, children's books, and nonfiction

Besides novels, I've written some short fiction, children's books, rhyming poetry, humorous essays, computer-related nonfiction books and papers, and even some articles on investing in nanotechnology.

Short Fiction

Given the amount of time writing 5+ novels has taken, I really didn't have much time for short fiction. And of that meager list, even fewer have found their way into print (electronic or ink). However, a few have managed to do so. 

Short stories for sale 

My golfing sci-fi/fantasy story Parting Shot, has been published by Amazon.com through their Amazon Shorts program. Amazon Shorts are never-before-published stories that are sold exclusively through Amazon, for the whopping price of 49 cents apiece. Click here for a blurb and an excerpt from the story.

Another sci-fi story, Fallen Star, Rising Star, about two boys who discover a meteorite, is the lead story in an anthology called The World Outside the Window.

Harvey-467 Makes a Bride is a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi story about an android who decides it's time to get married.

Previously published stories:

Some of these stories can be read online, and some are part of print anthologies that can be purchased. 

  • Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Down, One to Go; The Drabbler, Issue #1, Sam’s Dot Publishing; October 2004
  • 2Hot; The Write Side Up; January 2006 issue
  • To Sleep, Perchance; The Fifth Essence (there was a link, but the ezine apparently went belly-up); January 2006 issue
  • See the Stars!; The Drabbler, Issue #6/7, Sam’s Dot Publishing; July 2006
  • Werry Hahndy; The Drabbler, Issue #6/7, Sam’s Dot Publishing; July 2006
  • Zoo Who?; Flashshot; October 2006
  • The Employment Office; Flashshot; November 2006
  • Celestial Pet Grooming; The Drabbler, Issue #8, Sam’s Dot Publishing; February 2007
  • Cannon Fodder?; Fiction Flyer; February 2007 (one of my rare excursions into general fiction)
  • Selamere’s Quest; AlienSkin Magazine; August 2007
  • A Potion for Any Notion; Flashshot; November 2007
  • Armada; Flashshot; December 2007
  • The Devil's Playground; Flashshot; December 2007
  • Binky Merton Takes a Trip; 2nd Place, Rites of Passage contest, Between the Cracks Digest; April 2008
  • Battlefield, 1863; The Fiction Flyer; July, 2008

Children's Books

I have written two (so far) children's picture books, called With a Name Like Jeremy Hippenzoodle and Marvin the Marvelous Mole Man.

The first is about a boy with a funny name that no one ever seems to get right. (The twist is that it's Jeremy they all seem to have trouble with, not Hippenzoodle.)

The second is about a boy who one morning discovers a small mole growing on the end of his nose. He's afraid that he'll be teased about it. He has a dream where he becomes the Marvelous Mole Man, defender of the weak and righter of wrongs. In the end, he realizes that having a little mole isn't so bad after all.

I'm presently in negotiations with Shadowmere Publishing about possibly publishing these books as well (possibly under a pseudonym).


I have written even fewer poems than short fiction. I tend to prefer the challenge of rhyming poetry, and I lean toward humorous science fiction poems, which reduces my odds of publication even further. 8^}

I did manage to sell one poem, ironically one of the few nonhumorous ones. It's called The Quest, and it's heroic fantasy, rather than sci-fi, but what the heck.

I don't really consider myself a poet (for obvious reasons), but I write poetry now and then for fun.


Occasionally I'll write a humorous essay. In 2004 and 2005, I was fortunate enough to have three such pieces published in Wild Child Magazine. Unfortunately, they no longer publish their monthly ezine (they've since migrated to book publishing), and it doesn't appear that the archives are available (at least at the moment). So I can't provide working links to the magazine pages, just to the web site itself. The pieces, in order of publication were:

  • The Other Seven Dwarves (June 2004)
  • Take Two (July 2004)
  • Muses on Aging (August 2005)

I still have a few unpublished pieces that may eventually see the light of day.


In 1995, I wrote a book about the OS/2 operating system, called OS/2 Power User's Reference: From OS/2 2.0 Through Warp, published through McGraw-Hill. It's been out of print for over a decade, but it's still listed on Amazon (and you can still buy a used copy dirt-cheap there).

Then in 2004, Jim Hoskins at Maximum Press asked me to ghost-write two chapters for the latest edition of the publisher's book on IBM server and storage technology (Exploring IBM Server & Storage Technology, 6th Ed.) I ended up writing three of the seven chapters (and 97 of the 212 text pages).

I wrote Chs. 2, 4, and 7 (IBM xSeries Servers, BladeCenter Servers, and TotalStorage). Jim wrote the introductory Ch. 1, and three other writers did the other chapters (on iSeries, pSeries, and zSeries servers, respectively). The cover says "Edited by Jim Hoskins". The only mention of the other authors is in the acknowledgments section. (Such is the life of a ghost-writer.)

Besides these formal books, I've written dozens of marketing and technical white papers over the years, encompassing Linux, Windows 2000, and more recently server hardware and software. You can find many of them still circulating on the Internet by searching on "Mark T Chapman".

I also wrote a couple of short investing pieces about nanotechnology for The Motley Fool web site:

Nano or Bust (April 2004)

Nano's Great Leap (May 2004)


More recently, I wrote a recurring column about writing in Mike's Writing Newsletter. My columns appeared in two 2007 issues, as well as continuing from February 2008 through April 2009.


I also write a blog, about writing in general and about my writings. You can find my blog at http://tesserene.blogspot.com.