Other Authors

Some terrific authors you may not know about 




David Boultbee (SF&F)

Kim McDougall / Kim Chatel (YA/Children)

Marilyn Peake (Children/Adult)

Rick Taubold (SF&F)

One of the best things about being published is that you get to meet a lot of fascinating and talented people: writers, editors, critics, and so on.

Many terrific authors are published by small publishing houses, or are self-published. Without the promotion machine behind them that the big-name authors from the big-name publishing houses have, it's hard for the lesser-known authors to get noticedwhich is sad, not only for them, but for the readers who never get to read these authors.

For that reason, I'm proud to provide links to some of these authors' websites, to make it easier for you to "discover" them, as I have.