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Aliens Versus Zombies

       What if aliens invaded during the zombie apocalypse?

  • Title: Aliens Versus Zombies
  • Publisher: Empty Sea Intergalactic Enterprises
  • FormatseBook 
  • Words: 103,700 
  • Pages: 315 
  • ASIN: B00Y98TDUC
  • Publication date: July 10, 2015
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When the pandemic killed 82% of the human race in just six months and turned most of the rest into ravening zombies, it seemed that things couldn’t possibly get worse. Humanity’s days were numbered—and it wasn’t a big number. 

Then, fourteen months after the zombie apocalypse began, an alien colonizing fleet arrived with more than 20,000 armed ships and two million ground troops ready for battle. With no organized resistance possible, it should have been a cakewalk to conquer and settle Earth. 

Little did they know….

                                            * * *

This is a most unconventional zombie story. These zombies are not undead, shambling, brain-dead creatures. High fever from the plague caused severe damage to the higher functions of the brain, but they lived. They're fast, cunning, hunt in packs, and can use simple tools. And some have a bit of brain power left; just enough to be that much more dangerous.

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