2012 - Ride The West

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Another amazing trip has come to an end.  My friendships grew stronger with every mile I rode and every hill I climbed.  The outstanding ABB crew provided top notch support and helped ensure we all arrived safely.  While today was somewhat anticlimactic, the trip and the people certainly were not.  It provided me life long memories and deepened my love for cycling.  As I expected, the ride was more about the people than the miles.  I will remember the conversations, the laughs, the stories, and the comradery.

The Geldings (Minus One) ... Thanks Guys!

The sites were not too shabby either.  In 23 days we covered over 1,400 miles and climbed almost 73,000 feet.  We saw it all ... two amazing states, rocky beaches, breathtaking ocean views, quaint and not so quaint beach towns, Victorian homes, steep climbs, busy highways, great bike paths, wineries, crops, huge redwood trees, surfers, tarantulas, bridges, and so much more. I know I will reread this blog and look at the pictures for years to come.

My wife and family make it all possible.  They support me, push me, and follow me.  Thanks for letting me do what I love.  Next year, the big trip will include them ... a trip to Costa Rica is in the works.  My riding mates have become such an important part of my life.   A big thanks to the other stooges (Jeff and Joe) for putting up with me, helping me, teasing me, and making me a stronger person and cyclist.  I could fill a blog with thanks and stories of my fellow riders.  Each one holds a special place in my heart.  It was great to spend time with all the 2010 North riders ... Leo, Howard, Shirley, Gary, Mark (and Susan), Don, Margo, Rick, and John (and Barb) ... you guys rock.  I also made new friendships ...  Chris, John A., Tracey, Russ, John D., CD, Mose, Phyllis, Char, Herb, Jim, Tim, and the Colorado crew (Rick, Denise, Alana, and Cindy).  I was moved and inspired by Tracey and Char. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to Mike and Barbara Munk, Karen Bauer, and Jim Benson.  Their dedication and support of our dream is second to none.  I continued to learn from them and enjoyed the chance to have more 1-1 time with each of them.

An Amazing Group ... Missing Mike & Barb (Courtesy of Mike Munk)