Research Interests

Jonathan Marks' research interests and projects include:

- the systemic effects and ethical implications of industry sponsorship of or participation in health-related food research, nutrition policy, education, and practice;

- the rhetoric and practice of public-private partnerships in public health contexts (including global health);

- exploring why institutions lose their integrity and/or public trust (with an emphasis on institutions in the public sector), and potential remedies in such cases;

- the implications of natural gas development for public health (including social and psychological wellbeing), the environment, and agricultural land use;

- the implications of behavioral psychology and behavioral economics for public policy (including obesity policy and public health emergency planning);

- the tension between human rights and public health in planning for and responding to catastrophe;

- the relationship between professional ethics and human rights (with a particular interest in health professionals and interrogation in the war on terror), and the relationship between national security and neuroscience.



Events Organized at Penn State related to research 


Jonathan served as faculty advisor for the Rock Ethics Institute's 2013-14 Research Ethics Lecture Series.  He also delivered a lecture in the series entitled When We Dance...Mapping the Systemic Ethical Implications of the Research University's Relationships with Industry.

In 2012, Jonathan co-organized a lecture series on food ethics, and a symposium on the impact of industry funding on health related food research. In the lecture series, Jonathan gave a lecture on The Future of Food Ethics.

In 2008 - 9, Jonathan organized a lecture series sponsored by the Rock Ethics Institute entitled "Bioethics Without Borders."  For more information, click here.

In August 2007, Jonathan co-organized an exploratory workshop on industry-sponsored health-related food research and an international neuroethics conference.  For more information about the conference and to watch the conference sessions, click here.