Jonathan Marks:  Links

Selected Interviews, Lectures and Presentations


To watch the Bioethics Without Borders Lecture Series  2008 - 9 that Jonathan ran with the Rock Ethics Institute and numerous co-sponsors at Penn State, please click here.  For Jonathan's own presentations, please click on links below.

The Future of Food Ethics (April 2012)

 A Neuroskeptic's Guide to Neuroethics and National Security (Plenary Lecture at Noveltech Ethics Conference, Halifax, Canada, September 2009

Universal Healthcare In Action: A Thought Experiment (WPSU Lobby Talk, October 13, 2008)

National Security, Neuroskepticism, and “Neural Rights” (Symposium on Neuroscience, Law and Government, Akron, Sept. 2008)

Doctors of Interrogation: Psychology, Medicine, and Ethics in the War on Terror (Research Unplugged, October 24, 2007)

Neural Prosthetics Research and Non-therapeutic Applications: International Human Rights Perspectives (August 2007)  

Research Penn State Interview (March 2007)

Health Professionals and Interrogation (Guantanamo Bay Teach-In, Seton Hall Law School, October 2006) 

The Future of Bioethics: From the Microscope to the Macroscopic (October 2006)

Physician Involvement in Military Interrogation (New England Journal of Medicine, July 2005)

Additional Institutional Affiliations

Edmond J. Sara Center for Ethics, Harvard University 

Rock Ethics Institute (acting director, 2008)

Matrix Chambers, London (2000 - )

Berman Bioethics Institute, Johns Hopkins University

(Greenwall Fellow, 2004 - 6)