Welcome to Mark Mullins' website.  Its a work in progress, but you'll find some interesting (from my perspective) things here.
For instance:
  • Click the link to find out what the Bible says about ANYTHING: http://wbsa.logos.com/module.htm  
  • Watch these videos for a demonstration of the absolute best methodology for studying your bible: http://www.logos.com/training/videos (Yes, Logos is expensive, but totally worth it) 
  • Pictures from our Alaska adventure 2008: http://picasaweb.google.com/debbiemullins 
  • Want to listen to the Bible for your personal devotions, or broadcast it over the internet, etc? I'm visually challenged and use the "Audio Bible 2001" to have the Bible read to me. I highly recommend and endorse this product. http://www.audio-bible.com/home.html Their new product is called "Theophilos", check it out. 
  • How about a daily email to remind you which Scriptures you should read today in order to read through the Bible in a year? http://www.bibleinayear.org  totally free.
  • In the book "Heaven's For Real", here's the picture that Cody said looked most like Jesus: