What My Clients Say

Tom Green, President of Green Publishing Company, Inc.

Springfield, MassachusettsPublishers of the Apartments magazines for Western & Central Massachusetts, The Auto Buyer and Truck Buyer magazines and the House Hunter magazine.Mark has been working for Green Publishing Company in some shape or form since May 1991, now more than two decades! Mark originally designed and put together many of the systems on which our business depends. He still manages our Macs and Windows machines, our many FileMaker databases, our accounting system, and our network. Mark designed our backup strategy and makes sure it is operating. When we are looking to upgrade software and hardware — or investigating the latest technologies and how they might benefit our company — it is Mark's advice and sense that we look to. And, he is always there to efficiently and effectively setup whatever equipment and software we decide to go with."

Barbara McBride, VP Information Technology, Retired Marsh & McLennan

Santa Fe, New Mexico

As a retired Fortune 500 company information technology vice president, I am used to solving PC problems and configuring PCs, modems, and dealing with software troubleshooting. But, when I recently purchased an Apple iPad, I was stumped on how to navigate through the array of menus and overwhelmed by the number of features and applications available. The transition from the PC world to the Apple world was not easy for me.

One hour with Mark saved me hours and hours of frustration and confusion. Mark quickly assessed my needs and showed me in a clear, concise way how to do what I wanted to do.

Mark transforms technical concepts into lay-person language and listens to what his client needs and wants. He has an amazing knowledge of all aspects of technology and is a great teacher.

Mark is honest, sincere, knowledgeable, and patient — key characteristics of a great consultant."

Joe Wojcik, a.k.a., Joe the Biker & Founder and President of The Yubbie Foundation

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Preventing Violence - Engendering Respect, Anti-Bullying Books, School Programs, Presentations and Messages

Joe the Biker, The Yubbie Foundation & Say No to Bullying Today BlogAuthor of YUBBIE: THE FALL AND RISE OF AN EVERYDAY JOE and Call Me Yubbie.

Mark has been our technology and computer consultant for a number of years.

Being involved in an ever changing marketing/technology field we have always looked to Mark for his recommendations and technical support. Small companies need outside assistance to sustain continuity in their computer operations and most importantly need expeditious responses when they are experiencing technical difficulties.

Mark has made a difference. He has updated our systems, implemented both internal and external backup systems and has resolved a number of major situations remotely. Now that we are in Florida we continue to have the service and support we need to function effectively.

Mark generates a peace of mind for us just knowing he is always available and very capable of handling any computer challenge we face. Mark is the exception in today business world.

He is reliable, prompt and always thinking of what is best for his client. He lives up to his model that integrity is paramount. I strongly recommend Mark and his services."

Fred, Professor, Westfield State University

Westfield, Massachusetts

After several unsuccessful attempts to locate a competent and reliable computer tech when I moved to Westfield several years ago, I was finally introduced to Mark by a mutual friend who had been utilizing Mark's skills for several years. What a great find! Mark is amazing.

He is a highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, very pleasant, efficient, and reliable computer technician who has rapidly solved problems that have arisen with my system of 4 computers and 4 printers.

His prices are reasonable, he gives quick service, and he always keeps his appointments like clockwork.

I have always been satisfied with his work for me. He is a very pleasant fellow with a good sense of humor.

Most important of all, he is highly competent and professional. In short, he's a keeper."

Bruce M., Professional Photographer

Springfield, Massachusetts

I met Mark many years ago where we both worked in a computer intensive business. Mark was always interested in the 'Why' of things. 'Why' does this work, or 'Why' doesn't this work... and frequently, 'Why' can't this work better. As a result, Mark has come up with many solutions there weren't any problems for yet.

On a personal note, I would turn Mark loose on my business and personal computers without reservation — and have.

Mark always exhibits great concern about integrity, an all too rare trait these days. It is unfortunate that honesty and integrity have taken a back seat in modern business, but refreshing that Mark keeps the old values alive. There are few other people I would leave unattended in my studio and no other technician I can think of. You can feel good about Mark Shar. I do."

John G., Retired Springfield Police Officer, Singer, eBay 'Top Seller'

Hampden, Massachusetts

My name is John Govoni and I reside in Hampden, Mass. I met Mark Shar a few years ago. I had some problems concerning music files and the proper way to categorize them. I went online to try and enlist someone in the computer field who might have a quick solution to my problem. My phone call to Mark not only simplified my problem but Mark has made me an expert in this computer related application.

With one of my interests being music, this greatly enhanced my ability to do my job so much faster and everything easily fell into place. Mark has been not only my computer Guru, but has actually become a great friend!

My other interest is eBay. Although I did have a decent working knowledge of eBay, Mark has taught me so many 'shortcuts' making the eBay experience so much easier and profitable. For instance, Mark was knowledgeable about being able to and actually getting videos on eBay, YEARS before eBay introduced the app.!! Amazing!!

I also want to say that the amount of computer questions that I have had for Mark (I was 50 years old when I started) has been easily in the 100's. Mark has answered every one!! And if he didn't have the answer right away, he got it almost immediately.

Needless to say, if it wasn't for Mark Shar, I would still be moving a bit slow in this computer-oriented world. I want to personally commend Mark for bringing me up to a very respectable point in my computer world.

If you want to get more savvy with your computer, or if you would like to explore something with your computer you didn't think you could accomplish, you might want to give Mark a call. You'll be very pleasantly surprised at what he'll bring to your table!


Lynne H., Small Business Owner

Springfield, Massachusetts

Owner of L'Unique Realm

Mark assisted me with choosing the right type of tablet to use for my business. He is very knowledgeable on the latest technology, and he is able to communicate even highly technical jargon to someone who is not as familiar with technology in a simple manner that is easily understood. I feel very confident that I have made the right decision based upon his advice, and I appreciate his assistance and time.

He is professional and personable, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of expert and honest advice and assistance."

Jen C., COO, isaay.com

Burbank, California

Mark Shar is a pleasure to work with! He built a File Maker Pro database for my company to help us upload product to our e-commerce website. The relationships between the data fields are very complex, but he was able to understand our needs and delivered a great product. He is very detail oriented and is able to work magic with databases!

I would definitely recommend him!"

Melinda N., Scheduling Coordinator, Student Activities at UMass, Amherst

Leverett, MA

I feel very comfortable relying on Mark for advice and assistance on matters of technology. He has helped me:

  • get unstuck on my computer numerous times
  • figure out what to do to get a 2nd phone line with little expense
  • avail myself of free niche software from the web
  • find a way to get my reliable old PDA repaired rather than have to face the trauma of changing technology
  • decide on a new cell phone and move my data onto it
  • learn about appropriate accessories that make everything go more smoothly
  • He talked me through a 2-hour process of setting up a wireless router, over the phone — house-call obviated, saving much time and money. He told me what I would be seeing on the screen each step of the way. Very reassuring. He can talk to a layperson in terms we can understand. He is not condescending.

I feel comfortable turning to him because not only is he technologically savvy but he has rock-solid integrity; I don't need to be watching my back.

Mark is extremely easy to work with and is as tenacious as a terrier when handed a problem. He's one of those proverbial 'outside-the-box' thinkers.

You WILL get your problem resolved if you turn it over to Mark."

Rick Visneau, Author

Once and for All: A chronological compilation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Bridgeport, Connecticut

I met Mark in the middle 90's when I was struggling to write a book. I had typed a manuscript [with a typewriter!] and submitted it to 25 publishers, receiving a form letter from some who said they don't publish unrequested manuscripts.

I had given up on my dream when Mark suggested publishing it myself (which I knew nothing about). He turned my typed copy into a CD, typeset and designed both of the 1st two editions; we proof-read it and found a printer to make my book. Having researched on-demand publishing, ISBN numbers and how to get a book into Amazon.com, Mark then made a web site for me and we sold copies on the internet for two years. The book, 'Once and for All', is now available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Thanks Mark!"

Rick (left) and Me (right) discussing his book project

Paula L., School Teacher

South Hadley, MA

Mark is a very valuable resource to those of us who may be 'technically challenged.' He offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and yet is able to work patiently with a beginner like myself.

He presents the information in a way that is accessible and 'user friendly.' I will most certainly continue to use Mark's services to help me make the most of my computer usage."

Kathy Forrest, Real Estate Broker

Western Massachusettswww.kathyforrest.comMark has setup email for me, new computers, solved wireless internet problems, made hardware and software purchasing recommendations — and showed me and my husband how to use everything.

We have always been pleased with how quickly he has been to respond when any kind of issue came up. Mark always seems to know how to address the problem. It is a pleasure to do business with him and he has always been fair about the price he charges.

Mark has made my technical life much, much easier — especially since computers are something I am a dinosaur about. Professionally, being real estate broker — a field where technology is used more and more — I know that I can always turn to Mark to find out whether that technology will work for me and how it might be implemented. With his wide range of knowledge, he often knows of other technologies that might help me be more effective and efficient.

Mark makes me look good and tech. savvy."

Jane, Medical Professional

Northampton, MA

We cannot praise Mark Shar enough! Over the years we had numerous needs for computer instruction, repair or upgrades. Mark was always quick to respond and efficiently solved any problems we had.

He cleaned the hard drive after teenagers invited numerous worms and viruses. He has installed routers and anti-malware protection, programmed laptops and my PDA. He gave us instructions for all our high tech needs.

He is an excellent teacher for users from beginner to experienced.

Mark is honest, accountable and affordable. Thank you, Mark!"

Hal Haberman, Haberman Hardware

Holyoke, MassachusettsMark Shar is, simply put, great!!

He is fast to respond and great at solving problems.

Mark has made a great transition for our business moving from the 20th to 21st century. He has solved many issues and problems for our business as well as for my personal use.

I strongly urge you to use Mark Shar Consulting for all your hi-tech needs."

Des J., Radiographer & Sonographer

Great Neck, NY

I am very computer literate and was an application specialist for one of the largest state-of-the-art digital x-ray mammography companies. So I do know my way around computers.

Previous to working with Mark, I had several people help me with my computers. Working with Mark, however, was a whole different experience. I was in awe of the range of his computer and technology knowledge and skills. The patience and attentiveness that he brought to my sessions with him was enlightening and invaluable in helping me do what I really wanted and needed to accomplish.

I have not had a more competent, caring, knowledgeable person help me tackle and solve my computer challenges. I am very grateful to have Mark available to me.

He listens to what you need and finds the best, simplest and clearest solutions. He is a very patient instructor. I cannot more highly recommend that you consider Mark."

Eliza H., Full-Time Student & Mother

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Mark is all about honesty and integrity.

I was pretty computer illiterate before I met Mark. He has taught me so much! It blows me away how much knowledge he has. He is also a resourceful problem solver. He can usually solve whatever problems arise. If he can't he will figure out how to or find someone else who can.

I highly recommend his services to anyone needs help with or wants to learn how to make more efficient use of their computer."

Al K., Self-Employed Businessperson

Monroe Township, NJ

What's readily apparent in the many years I've known Mark as a friend is that he's an individual with much integrity and character. With Mark, there's never any doubt he will approach each job with much professionalism, and go above and beyond what's expected by delivering excellent service.

I highly recommend Mark because I know he won't settle for anything less than your complete satisfaction in resolving any computer related problem that you may have."