My name is Mark Shar, and I am a computer and technology counselor & consultant. As the owner and account manager of Mark Shar Computer Consulting, I want my current and future clients to always know that I am there to take care of their computer and technology needs.

My Goals are Two-Fold

  1. To make each person feel comfortable and confident when working with their computer, not fearful or scared of breaking something;
  2. To help solve those technology and computer-related problems which are the source of my clients’ frustration.

I work with individuals, independent consultants and small businesses.

I make house calls throughout Western Massachusetts — though I do have clients in New York, Connecticut, and as far away as Florida and California.

As with all of my clients, I can work remotely, over the internet, with you too. I have been serving the Pioneer Valley for more than a decade ... and making technology dance to my tune, for myself and others, for over 27 years.

My Guiding Principles and Mission as a Computer and Technology Counselor/Consultant

  • To provide friendly, down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, simple computer and technology advice.
  • To provide assistance and troubleshooting to every client so that they can get along better with their technology and so that their technology services their ends instead of being a hindrance or source of frustration.
  • To find and implement simple, cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn solutions to my clients computer and technology needs and wants.

"It is important to me to listen to my clients, to do my best to understand what they want and need — and deliver that simply with a straightforward approach. I strive to communicate in terms that make sense to whomever I may be helping, keeping unnecessary and confusing jargon out of the conversation."

Mark Shar Computer Consulting was established in 2000 in response to the growing needs of technology users who needed help connecting, organizing, and communicating through the computer.

As computers become more integrated into our lives, so do the issues and challenges.

Changing operating systems, incompatible software, infected PCs, slow computers, password management, and mobile syncing programs – or just deciding what hardware or software to purchase – are at the foundation of what Mark deals with, in addition to hundreds of other computer-related problems.

To view an list of Mark’s services, click here (link to Services & Rates page)

People are always asking me: "How do you know so much!?!"

"I love when clients — or anyone, for that matter — ask me this question. After 27+ years of working with computers, software of just about every kind ... after having to solve all kinds of computer hardware and software issues both on Macs and Windows machines ... after reading manual after manual cover to cover ... after reading computer and technology magazines year in and year out ... after having to make my own computers and technology do MY  bidding for 27+ years ... I have learned more than a few things, many tricks, and gained much more than a little bit of understanding."

The Need for Personalized Computer & Technology Assistance & Advice
Let’s face it, computers are a huge part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Whether we’re managing our online calendar, keeping our financial records safe, sending an email to a friend, trying to access an old file, or just trying to get various things done on the internet, problems arise that we cannot always fix.

Rather than relying on a giant corporation with several phone menus and huge service windows that could leave you hanging around for days waiting for your problem to be fixed, try calling me, a local computer consultant who owns and run his own business and deals directly with each customer.

I specialize in working with clients one-on-one, whether they are looking for advice, training or some knowledgeable and friendly assistance to quickly solve their technology and computer troubles. I try to make each opportunity to fix something also an opportunity to teach his customer what to do next time. For customers who want me to just come in and fix things, I do that too.

Your Technology Can Be Frustration Free

Making computers less confusing and more friendly to YOU through friendly, quick, and useful advice and troubleshooting.

With a guiding principle that focuses on simplicity, I strive to make your experience as quick and easy as possible. With computers becoming more and more complex, the last thing you need is information or feedback that you don’t understand!

Take a tour around the site to find out more about what I can do for you, who I am, and list of what I do, what my customers have to say, and how to get in touch with me.

I Love My Clients More than the Technology

"I love working with people. I love computers and technology since computers and technology help us live and work more efficiently and effectively! That is why it is so important to me to really listen to my clients, to do my best to understand what they want and need, and deliver what they want and need as simply, straightforwardly, and cost effectively as I can! I am often showing my clients that they are completely able to understand how to make better use of their technology. Your technology is not nearly as hard to understand or work with than you might have previously thought. Let me help make that real for YOU too!"

Someone You Can Count On
First, please don't take my word for it. You can visit my Client Feedback page to see what past and present clients of mine have had to say about working with me — and the work I have done for them.

After hiring an independent consultant to survey my clients, this consultant had the following to say in an email summarizing the results of the survey: "Mark’s approach is that of simplicity, clarity, and friendliness. His clients say his quick response time, willingness to listen and understand what they need and want, and ability to explain what he is doing is what keeps them coming back."

A Little More History: Computers & Technology Have Been My "Thing" for Almost Three (3) Decades!
A 1991 graduate of UMass Amherst, I have spent my entire career working with computers and solving computer-related problems.

First for myself – before, during and after UMass. Then as a full-time employee for 9 years at Green Publishing Company, Inc., the company that produces the Apartments magazine (Western & Central Massachusetts), the House Hunter – and the famous Auto Buyer & Truck Buyer magazines. At Green Publishing, I progressed from data entry and office management tasks to database design and implementation ... to accounting software setup and management ... to network design, setup, implementation and management ... to file and data server setup ... to company wide backup implementation and maintenance ... to data and hardware migration from Windows to Mac and back ... to software and hardware purchasing recommendations ... to designing automation scripts that Green Publishing still uses to this day. And, of course, one of my favorite things: sharing my knowledge by training other employees along the way. Green Publishing Company remains one of my largest clients.

Since 2006, when I launched my Mark Shar Computer Consulting
business, I have helped people all over the Pioneer Valley to answer their technical questions, no matter how big or small. My favorite people to work with include the less experienced computer users who are looking for simple instruction and more confidence in their computer skills – or just want to get those pesky computer or technology issues taken care of (or made to go away altogether). From troubleshooting Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, to upgrading systems, to making hardware and software purchasing recommendations, and back to troubleshooting backup systems, networks, smartphones, designing databases, etc.