What about your computers & technology is driving you bananas, is frustrating you to no end? Don't let your computer and technology problems cost you precious time and money!

I can help you!

I would love to discuss this with you — and be a part of solving your problem. Whether it is a desktop or laptop computer, a Windows PC or a Mac — or a software, networking, Wi-Fi or printing issue — or a frustration with the latest smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone or iPad, I have 35+ years of experience making technology dance to my clients' tune!

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"I offer friendly, reliable, straight-forward and personalized tech advice, instruction and help — backed by 28+ years of experience.

"When you and your technology are at odds and your different digital devices aren’t playing nicely with each other, you’re losing precious time and money! I can help you save time and money by making your tech work better together, better for you!"

Call today for a FREE 15-minute consult!

Are you having a hard time just finding out IF your technology, software or computer can do something,

or if there is even a solution to your question somewhere out there?

I love it when people ask me, "Say, how can I do such-and-such? Is it even possible?" And, I love answering, "You bet!" or "I don't know. Let me find out!" And, I usually do find out — to the surprise and delight of my clients! As my Grandpa Solly used to say: "You never know until you ask!" So please ask me! Together, let's solve your technology woes, questions and conundrums! Solutions are out there — and I'd love to help you find and implement them!

Please visit my "About" page to learn more about me, my mission, and why I love my clients more than the technology.

Low on Techie Jargon — High on Reliable & Honest Advice

"Using computers, smartphones and tablets isn't nearly as hard or difficult as it sometimes seems. And you can understand how they work at a level that will make using your technology much easier, more efficient, and more fun for you. That is why I keep jargon out of my communication with clients. It isn't needed. Whenever I am talking with a client, whether giving advice, instruction, or explaining what I am doing, I always strive for simplicity, clarity, and friendliness — and terms that will make sense to anyone."

  • Is your laptop or desktop computer doing something you don't like? Would you like to get your computer doing something that will make your life easier?

I provide friendly service, customized solutions and help everyone from new and inexperienced users to experts. Whether you need general computer help or assistance, advice, instruction, troubleshooting, tutoring, help upgrading hardware or software or making sure you are properly backed-up — or anything in between — call or email me.

  • Are you having trouble figuring out how to get your computer or your smartphone to do something — or do you just want to know if it can do that "something" in the first place?

I work with both Macs and Windows PCs — and anything you might attach or even wirelessly connect to your computers. I work with tablets and cell phones that run Google's Android smartphone OS or Apple's iOS (such as the iPhone or iPad). And, if you need to get a new printer or other computer peripheral or accessory, I can help with that too!

  • Are you wondering how to best make your technology dance to YOUR tune — and not the other way around?

I often amaze clients by showing them all the wonderful things their computers, tablets and smartphones can do — and how surprisingly simple and easy it can be to do what they want with our technology. Please visit my "What My Clients Say" to learn more about this.

  • Are you trying to decide what kind of computer or tablet or "phone" to buy next?

I love helping my clients make wiser and money saving decisions about their technology and computer purchases. And, as with all of my clients who have hired me to assist in their purchasing decisions (and many have), you'll find me right there to help you set up your new technology and get your data over to the new computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Here are a few of the things for which people often call me:

  • general computer troubleshooting help and assistance; solving your technology and computer woes
  • for computer and technology advice, instruction, and purchasing recommendations (and, of course, the installation and setup of whatever is purchased); this includes recommendations, purchasing and setup of things such as Printers, Scanners, All-in-One devices, Media Readers, Backup Devices, and Networking Appliances
  • how to do just about anything more efficiently and effectively with your technology — especially by using "the cloud"; this applies to you if you are on the go and/or juggling multiple devices
  • assist in changing/upgrading your computer's operating system/software and hardware
  • setup of a new computer, tablet, cell phone, printer or other device
  • remove virus, spyware, and other malware; ensure the proper functioning of and/or install anti-virus/anti-malware software
  • general computer performance enhancing such as system cleanups and speeding up slow computers (a specialty: if it can be done, I can get it done!)
  • to do basic home or small office networking, both wired and wireless advice and setup — especially how to improve your internet access in distant parts of your house without calling an electrician
  • ensure that your wireless network is properly secure (WEP and WPS are NOT secure!)
  • simplify password management & implement a password wallet across several devices
  • implement computer and other device backup strategies