Mark's Critters

I am a longtime animal enthusiast.  I have been an 

owner  of Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Tortoises for over 30 years. I am not a professional breeder, but an avid hobbyist whose collection has finally reached a point that I feel I need to reduce the number of animals I care for on a daily basis.

I am in the process of downsizing my pet collection.  

Due to the quantity of animals I am intending on listing, I have designed this site to help find proper homes for all my critters that need new families to love them, rather than sending multiple photos and repeating information to each individual who contacts me.

We have had the occasion where we have had babies born here, and every time this happens, they immediately become our pets. We handle them from the day they are born and they are very accustomed to people and interacting with us.  

I love all my animals and this pains me to have to let some of them go to new homes, but I am just spread to thin with our diverse collection at this time.  My hope is to have them go somewhere that they will continue to get the daily love and attention they deserve.

am a firm believer that no matter what kind of pet a 

person wants to acquire, research needs to be 

done before that animal is purchased to insure that 

animal is not neglected or cared for incorrectly.

I am more than happy to help share my experiences

in proper animal care to help you provide the best

environment for your new pet.

We refuse to ship animals. 

All animals are local pick-up only.

Cash Preferred

I am a Paypal verified small business owner  of Michigan Discount Models so as a result of this, I am also able to accept  PayPal*.

*5% fee added for credit card or Paypal transactions