Hi folks, this is Mark. I have repaired appliances in the Rochester and surrounding area for almost 30 years. Many of you would recognize me from my 15 years with Guyers or the previous 10 years with GaryI've worked on everything from a $30 disposal to a $12,000 Sub-Zero refrigerator. I like figuring out how things work.

My years spent with Guyers were very enriching, we had a lot of good people there. We had regular factory training on a variety of brands like Sub Zero, Bosch,                                                 Fisher&Paykle, Asko, Dacor, Miele, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and many more. I got a lot of experience from Guyers. I also learned a few things in the Navy as a BT, going thru the BUM course at Roch-VoTech and attending RCC to get an AA degree.

I only do service, not sales, so you don't need to wonder if I'll try to sell you a new machine, I won't. I always keep the customer's best interest ahead of my own. You'll get my honest opinion even if it doesn't make me money. I'm flexible with scheduling and have worked some Sundays. I'll be on time and won't make a mess. So if your Frigidaire isn't frigid or your Whirlpool doesn't whirl give me a call at 507-316-4955.              

Thanks, Mark.