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Top of The Pops Reloaded was a weekly Children's music show broadcast as part of the Saturday morning CBBC schedule on BBC 2.  It was based on the show, Top of The Pops and following on from the predecessor Top of The Pops Saturday.

It was shown on BBC 2 at 11 am on Saturdays and repeated at 6pm on the CBBC Channel on Sunday.  Presenters included Ferne Cotton and Sam & Mark.  The show also regularly featured Radio 1 djs JK and Joel.  From episode tweleve onwards, a new feature was introduced where digital viewers could press their red button to access a different choice of music.

The show ran between 17 September 2005 and 25 March 2006 and ran for 28 episodes.

It featured Sam & Mark converting a viewer, (someone who had never seen the show before but now loved it), pop agents and blagging signed goodies off various pop stars.  There was also a section called Know You Guest were a famous singer wood give three questions and the boys and Ferne had to try and write down the correct answer.  They also had bad boy chairs were they would chat to guests without the presence of Ferne. 

Also every week new pictures and blogs were added of the boys on the TOTP Reloaded section of the CBBC site.

Following the end of the weekly TOTP, Reloaded wasn't renewed for a second series.

They also have a star therapy features which are part of TOTP mags agony aunt pages.