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TMI (Too Much Information in text talk) took the place of Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow when it ended its run.  The show is presented by Sam Nixon, Mark Rhodes and Caroline Flack.  It is shown between 9 and 11.45 am on BBC and 15 miutes less on tbe CBBC Channel.

Its first series ran from 16 September 2006 to 3 February 2007, with a run of 21 weeks and a new series of TMI will be on BBC 2 * September.

TMI is primarily a Saturday morning show with cartoons, music and competitions but also adds a new spin to reality tv as there is a 'TMI Flat' where they are filmed by multiple camera and then shown on the following Saturday's show.

On 18 July 2007 it was revealed by the BBC that TMI was one of the programmes which had deceived viewers with a faked phone-in competition winner on 16 September 2006.

TMi Playlist - viewers suggest music videos to be shown and a selection is played on the show.

Surely You Can't Make A Game Out Of That! - Sam and Mark must invent a game using a variety of random props. A menacing 'Bird of Decision' is then asked its opinion of the game.

Loot Machine - Viewers send in useless household items ("Tat") in order to play a 'human fruit machine' game to win prizes.

Birthday Bingo - A month of the year is selected and a viewer whose birthday lands in that month can call in to win prizes.

Prank Patrol - Jokers enlist the help of Barney Harwood to carry out an elaborate prank on a friend or relative.

Call Yourself A Friend? - Sam and Mark compete with a pair of friends each week to see who knows each other the best.

Question Mark - Mark tries to answer viewers' questions, but instead we hear Sam and Caroline's thoughts.

Mas-TMi-nd - Viewers and celebrity guests answer questions about the week in the TMi flat to win prizes

Chinatown Challenge - Sam and Mark go head-to-head in a different activity each week, such as limbo, skipping, darts, reflex-testing, strength-testing, memory-testing and basketball skills. The loser must face public humiliation in Leicester Square, completing a forfeit set by the winner. At the end of the first series, Mark was declared the overall winner, having won the most challenges.

TMi Tube - A host of the show is caught saying/doing something embarrasing, which is then shown to the celebrities and hosts. This is a parody on YouTube.

They also have the cartoons of The Secret Show and The Fairly Oddparents.

To coincide with the show HOT Magazine carried on with the 2 page cartoon strips as they had done with Level Up.  They also have a star therapy features which are part of TOTP mags agony aunt pages.