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Mark Rhodes was introduced to us when he appeared on the Pop Idol series in 2003.   He came second behind Michelle McManus and narrowly beat third place Sam Nixon but this competition started the friendship between the two lads which would make them well known as Sam & Mark.

The newly formed duo hit the charts with their first single, With A Little Help From My Friends which lead to the Pop Idol tour and the release of their second single The Sun Has Come Your Way.  

The singles saw the boys move into the world of tv presenting which is probably what they are better known for now.

Together the road led Sam & Mark to Top of The Pops Saturday with Ferne Cotton.  When this show wasn't renewed the new format was TOTP Reloaded which started to launch the boys further ahead.

Then another exciting project loomed as they started to c0-present the school holidays show Level Up and when Da Bungalow closed its doors to Dick and Dom, Sam and Mark entered with Caroline Flack for the 3 hour fun that was TMI.

Level Up wasnt commissioned for any more series but the challenge show Do Something Different was born.

There are lots more exciting projects ahead for the boys which will follow their well earned break.

Some of Mark's main loves are his family and his beloved Wolverhampton and Wolves FC - particularly his hero Steve Bull.

You can firmly say that Mark will never return to his studies in Leisure & Tourism or to his Telesales job which he was doing when he auditioned for PI.