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WELCOME TO THE ONLINE CLASS:  Psych 45- Human Sexuality  This is your class homepage

  (Active link)   MyLab  - Link to ( :  Use this active link to access study aides that are available on Mylab. Also, this is where you will take EXAMS,  and where you will find the class discussion board to post writing assignments.   MyLab is programmed to run on ( EST) Eastern Standard Time, and therefore it is important that students DO NOT USE  the dates/times listed on Mylab as accurate deadline dates.

                - We do not use ANGEL for coursework in this class

                - We use MyLab ( book publishers website) for access to class study aides,  to post to discussion boards, and to take the online exams
               - USE DEADLINE DATES POSTED BELOW..... do not use the dates/times listed on Mylab as accurate deadline dates


CLASS ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Check this frequently for any updates , notifications or class changes

    Please be watchful of deadlines for discussion boards, and study &  prepare for Midterm Exams

  The only graded assignments are the discussion board writing assignments and the major midterm exams.  The rest of the class assignments on MyLab serve as an important study aid, but are not graded.

 For each chapter complete the following. 

 Reading Assignment:   Read the chapter in it's entirety

 Online Activities:   Use this  (Active link) ( MyLab)  and access the following:

 -  Click on "Study Plan & Course Content".

 -  Go to the proper chapter and open the content.  You can view the following: ( Learning Objectives), ( E-text),  ( Chapter Practice Exam - not graded), ( Media Assignments - contains media links and media assignments for study...not graded), and some chapters have a Discussion Board writing assignment)

Discussion Board Writing assignment postings:   Not all chapters have a discussion boards...  the calendar below or class syllabus will list discussion board chapters

 Write a 150-200  word response. (150 words minimum for full credit consideration... 149 words will not receive full credit).  The posting response should be opinion-based, using your own words, ideas, and opinions.  Do not research or use the internet, do not paraphrase the textbook, and do not use other sources as the basis for your response. (  Do not use ideas from other students, and do not use work you have used previously for other assignments... including my class in previous quarters). 

Your response must be meaningful and appropriate to answering the question. If the question has multiple parts, you should try to answer all parts of the question.  The grading is based upon the "depth" of your critical analysis presented in your answer.  The deadline date is the last date that postings can be made for credit.  I encourage early submissions, before the final deadline date, and suggest that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your post, in case there is some type of problem with the submission.  Do not e-mail the response to my e-mail address.  Instead you must post directly to the discussion board. DO NOT post as an attachment.


 To take Online Exams:

 Use this (Active link)  (MyLab)  to take your exams.  All exams are conducted and completed online.  

During a 2-day window  you must take your exam online.  The "Midterm Exam" link will become active on the scheduled start date.  Exams may be taken starting at 12:00 AM on the opening date, and the exam must be completed and submitted before 6:00 PM on the closing date .   ( Dates and Times listed on MyLab website may not be accurate for deadlines... these are programming dates)

If you are traveling, you must have internet access, and no accommodations will be made for make-up exams, unless prior arrangements have been made.  *EXAMS MUST BE TAKEN IN A 90 MINUTE TIME FRAME ( continuous time). If you start and stop the exam, the clock continues to run, and the exam will close, and be submitted after 90 minutes. The exam deadline is 6:00 PM , so start the exam a few hours early on that date, to make sure you have the full time allotted to complete and submit the exam.  Any exam posted after that time, will be considered as late, and will have a late penalty.

  - These exams will have a multiple-choice question format

 - 50 exam questions, randomly generated from the computer testbank, come from material presented in your textbook readings

 - The testbank may ask questions from any part of the book

 - You may use your textbook and any notes during the exam

 - Be well-prepared before starting the exam.   Once the exam opens, it counts as your attempt

 - If the exam closes prematurely, due to technical problems or due to student error, contact the instructor immediately

- If exam disruption leads to a late exam submission, the instructor will decide whether or not to apply a late penalty

Multiple access problems or submission problems will be considered the student's responsibility... and failing grades may result.

Make-up Exams with a 10% penalty:   The exams will remain open on MyLab for approximately 24 hours after the regular exam deadline, to allow students to review the submitted exam, and to allow for late makeup exams with a late penalty ( 10%).   Late penalties will apply, regardless of the reason for the late midterm.  ( Illness, access problems, and mistaken deadlines are still subject to late penalties).  DO NOT WAIT  for instructor approval for this late exam…take the exam within this 24 hour late make-up period. After the 24 hour period, the exam will close on MyLab, and students will not have access to the exam.  Students will receive a “ZERO” grade for the exam.

CLASS  CALENDAR  ( Schedule)- IMPORTANT DEADLINES:    Discussion Posting assignments & Exam deadlines-  Please take note of the following:

    Please use the deadlines posted on this HOMEPAGE and the CLASS SYLLABUS.... DO NOT USE dates posted on MyLab as accurate deadlines

READ:  Chapters 15-19 in your E-book, or text

    Dec 11:    Discussion Board #6  deadline..... see chapter 19

    Dec 13 & 14
Midterm Exam #3  opens on December 13 ( Tue)  .... Midterm deadline is 6:00 PM on December 14 ( Wed)- Exam covers chapters 15-19 Required.... worth 50 points
   Dec 15:   Make-up Midterm #3 ( 10% late penalty): Make-up period starts at 6:00 pm on December 14, and the period deadline is 6:00 pm on December 15