A Peter Markoe signature above from 1727 letter of allegiance on accession of King George II of England.

This site is a repository for information regarding the Markoe family during the Caribbean period

As of June, 2011, the earliest documented Caribbean Markoe is Jan Sr., 1699 Dutch St Eustatius

GENEALOGY, n. An account of one's descent from an ancestor who did not particularly care to trace his own.
Ambrose Bierce

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The "Rosetta Stone" documents are
 Elizabeth (Cunningham) Markoe Ferrall 1773 Will Transcription

 1765 Will of Her Son Peter Markoe Jr. born 1722.

  • Traditional History
    • Several  versions of Markoe history. All written before the internet. Current research is directed at confirming what's been written in these traditional histories. Also included a look at the shipwreck tale. Many of these traditional tales have been assimilated as fact rather than grains of fact - which they no doubt contain.
  • 1699 Early Caribbean Markoes:
    • Begins with Jan Markoe Sr 1699 Dutch St Eustatius. ID's others at British Spanishtown, Danish St. Thomas, St, Croix. Includes research by Heather Nielsen from LDS transcriptions. St. Eustatius census 1699-1728. Rare information.
  • Calmeijer Dutch Research
    • deals primarily with the "Dutch" Markoes. Source for an as yet unidentified Peter Markoe who predates Peter born 1702. Mentions Markoes at St. Maartens, Saba, Spanishtown (BWI) and Danish St. Thomas. Rare information from Dutch records at the Hague.

  • 1720-1777 British West Indies Markoe Land Transactions
    • Sales and purchases at Spanish Town (Virgin Gorda). As these are from transcribed extracts they have not been put under Documents.

  • 1727 Spanish Town BVI Allegiance Letter Spreadsheet
  • Alphabetical list of those who signed letter. Cannot tell which Markoe, Crequi, Cunningham these are because all had Juniors
  • 1736 Unhealthyness of Sta. Cruz
    • British Governor Wm. Mathew discusses the problems caused by the settlement of St. Croix. This is eighteen years after a Peter Markoe at Spanish Town, BVI, had requested permission to move to St. Croix
  • Markoe Locations
    • Identifies two Caribbean locations with the name Markoe. Identifies various plantations and other places they have been found:: Cooper's Island BVI, Anegada, St. Eustatius, St. Croix, Spanish Town (Virgin Gorda BVI), etc. 
  • To Arms!
    • A collection of various Markoe crests. I do not "speak" heraldry so have not attempted definitions
    • A follow-up to Father Markoe’s 1953 investigation in to the heritage of the “mixed race” Markoes that tradition ascribes to Abraham Markoe, Jr., and his “consort  Fatera”
  • Unfortunate Markoe 1806 Demerary
    • Possibly the first "colorful" Markoe found. He is identified as “possibly Marcou” and as a creole from a well connected family on St. Croix. Perhaps coincidence, perhaps not.
  • Markoe/de la Marck
    • A non-traditional take on Markoe European origins. If true. From a line that  that has not previously been connected.
  • de la Marck Technical
    • Census and other records to support information in Markoe/de la Marck.
  • Crequi/Creque
    • As tradition states the Markoes fled France with the Creques this is a potpourri  of information regarding them during the Caribbean period. Fascinating links to Boston and Spanishtown, BVI,  but no conclusions regarding European origins. Documentation for their association as early as ca 1708. 
  • Creques of Tompkins Co. New York
    • 1890 article from "History of Trumansburg" that traces one of the supposed children of Francis "Frank" Crequi and Elizabeth Markoe and provides information regarding the earlier history of the family.
  • Montbeliard, Franche Comte,France
    • The Dutch genealogist M.R:H Calmeijer attempts to identify the progenitor Markoe from Montbeliard, France. Did he succeed?
  • Prom/Markoe
    • An interesting sidetrack. Life and death in a foreign land and a roundabout way to go "home again".
  • Mexican Markoes 
    • The "lost" Clifton Markoe line that's just now (2009) emerging. . Fascinating but far from complete. More to follow.
  • Roger Fergus Ferrall.
    • No resolution here but undoubtedly linked to the Markoes in some obscure way.. 
  • Armstrong/Markoe
    • Father Markoe thought he'd linked this line to living descendants on St Croix. He did but through the wrong line.
  • Ryeberg St Croix Inhabitants Markoes -
    • A mish-mash of Markoe and related St Croix sightings. Fascinating but not confirmed.  This is source for Elizabeth "Ferrall's" marriage to Mathias Ferrall. It also shows a rather interesting death date for the Captain's first wife, Elizabeth Kenny. Also two Markoes who had land on St. Croix earlier than others known.
  • Margaret Markoe Duane letter to Mary Galloway Markoe 1882
    • A great read! Castles! Moats! Fish with green bones! A visit to some noble relatives.
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