The Wedding

Mark Rosedale, Lynn (Casey) Rosedale, Mark n Lynn


 Wedding Pics

Lynn and I got married July 22, 2006 at 4:00.  Everything went very smoothly.  I was joking with Lynn the other day that every wedding has some memorable moment (what I mean by that is something burning, or missing, or falling).  Case in point.  I was best man in my best man's wedding.  He had a wonderful service that was going quite smoothly until they went to light the unity candle, and I was singing.  Suddenly the entire stage was on fire.  And of course you may remember plenty of videos on America's Funniest Videos of fires triping and all sorts of funny embarrassing things happening during weddings

Fortunately for us things went very smoothly.  Other than  Lynn droping my 20 pound ring on the floor and exclaiming, "Oh dear."  So we are married and what a wonderful life so far.  I couldn't be happier with my beautiful bride.  Really I would give you more details about the wedding, but I don't remember most of it.  All I remember is the part about, "You may kiss your bride," and even that part is hazy in my mind (other than Lynn's lips :-).  

Then there is that nasty tradition of a reception.  Those who are married understand my thoughts.  Wedding days are long hard and exhausting, why complicate it with meeting more people and a 2 or 3 hour reception, but of course not only did we have to go, but we enjoyed it.  The meal was a little late in coming, but that gave us enough time to greet everyone personally.  The meal was fantastic, and I couldn't be more pleased with my best man's, TJ Logsdon, prayer and toast.  I was deeply moved.  Later Greg Graf gave the concert of his life (Greg if you read this I hope your voice is ok).  He did a wonderful job...I don't think the reception would have been nearly as much fun without him singing.  After some dancing and fun it was off to the races, see because the meal had been delayed so had everything else.  We had a limo waiting for us at 7:30 and time was running short.  We raced to cut the cake, then through the boquette and then the garter, and off we went.