The Story

It all started back our freshman year.  We both had mutual friends that brought us together.  Lynn doesn't remember the first time we met, but it was right outside of the Museum and Gallery.  Really it was a "Hi, how are you?" type of meeting.  Lynn says her first memory of me was in the DC.  She was talking to someone and I was talking to someone totally different.  I reached over and took her glass of water and drank half of it, then nonchalantly slipped the glass of water right back on her tray.  She said that threw her off so much :-) That was pretty normal where I came from.  In spite of that we remained friends.

We had the privilege of working at a camp together in California (Camp Lucerne).  Funny thing is that usually when I was dating she wasn’t, and when she was dating I wasn’t.  We often coached each other through relationships.  That next summer she returned to Camp Lucerne, and I went back to Camp Assurance.  Finally we graduated and remained good friends.  She was in China while I remained at Bob Jones University.  I think the grand total of email communication at the time was 2 emails, 0 phone calls, and no in personal visits.  But when she came back from China and then returned to BJU we were inseparable.  Most of her friends had already graduated.  In fact, I was pretty much it.  So she latched on (and I wasn’t complaining).  She often would come with me and the guys to activities.  It was common to see her with 4 or 5 other guys because of me.  We also started running 2-3 times a week. Ok, it was more like just twice a week, but we always had the intention of doing more :-)


Well, it slowly became apparent to both Lynn and I that we liked each other.  Fortunately we both came to that conclusion about the same time (5 weeks after our parents, friends, and total strangers in Siberia).  Now Lynn knew that she liked me, and I knew that I liked her, but we weren’t certain if the other reciprocated.  So finally I sat Lynn down to talk to her, and it went something like this:

I took her to coffee that night.  I drove her home, and when I got to her house I parked the car and turned it off.  I told her everything and waited for her to chop my head off.  Fortunately she didn’t.  She agreed that the feeling was mutual and two weeks later we were dating.  The rest is history!

Of course this is the highly abridged boring version, but you have to be in person to get the whole affect :-)