Engagment Story

As told by Mark:

Ok I am going to try to tell it exactly like Lynn would tell it, but she will have her own spot to add whatever she would like. 

We got engaged, February 10, 2006.   The weekend before I called her Dad and asked (quite nervously) if I could marry his daughter.  He gave me full approval and I immediately went and bought the ring (don't worry I had already been shopping). So now is when the problem comes...how do I propose?  And honestly it isn't a problem of coming up with an idea, it is more a problem figuring which one I want to use.  So my thought was wait till Saturday and take her to Charleston and propose there.  Well Thursday the 9th rolls around.  She calls her Dad and tells him about her summer plans (including the part about getting married).  He stops her and says a certain someone needs to talk  to him immediately (he didn't say who that certain someone was of course).  Lynn was horrified and said she would talk to me immediately.  She calls me that night and I laugh knowing that I have already talked to her Dad and have a ring burning a whole in my pocket.  I told her that her Dad has a great sense of humor (which she didn't understand at that time).  But then I figured I would play along so she doesn't get suspicious, so I told her that this puts a lot of pressure on me. So now Lynn is convinced that I haven't talked to her Dad yet and surely I don't have a ring.

So Friday the 10th rolls around, and then I read that the weather is going to be horrible in Charleston.  So I decide today is the day.  Around noon an idea hit me, and here is how it happened.

Lynn lives with a wonderful lady named Linda.  I called Linda around 4:00 (Lynn is already at work and will be there till 9:15).  Linda agrees to let me take her dinning room over.  So I come over and with the help of Linda set up a fancy meal around her table.  I set rose pedals on the table and had two candles burning.  I brought out the fine china and poured a wonderful drink.  I dressed up in my tuxedo, and on the door I put a note for Lynn to change into her finest dress and meet me in the dinning room.  On her bed I left a single rose with a note that said happy Valentine's Day.  So now Lynn thinks that we are just going to celebrate Valentine's Day and exchange gifts :-).  So finally she comes to the dinning room and I set her up on one end of the table, and I sit on the opposite.  We eat our fine meal and enjoy some catch up conversation.  I have music playing in the background so I asked her to dance.  Then we exchanged gifts.  I had her go first, cause I knew that once I brought out the ring she wouldn't even remember she had a gift for me.  

Here is the part the ladies have been waiting for.  I gave her my card which said something sweet that I am sure Lynn remembers.  After she read the card I told Lynn this, "Lynn you know I love you." Which I have already told her so this was not anything new. "And you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you," which again was something we had already talked about so she was still not expecting a ring.  In one fluid motion as I finished the last statement I got on one knee flipped the box open and asked her to marry me.  

Her first reaction was to attack me with kisses which I don't mind at all, but apparently she thought that I wouldn't take that as a yes...suddenly she stops and says, "Oh yea, yes I will!"  Then we took some pictures called EVERYONE ;-) and here we are today.  Of course Lynn may want to change some things around, but that is how I remember it at least.


Mark Rosedale and Lynn (Casey) Rosedale