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 New News September 11, 2007

Not much new is going on.  Lynn and I are enjoying our jobs still.  And we have applications out for next school year.  The Lord has really been blessing us with great jobs a wonderful church and family close.  We are content with what he wants.  Please keep us in your prayers.



New News January 10, 2007

Things are going well here in Illinois.  Lynn and I are both settled and working our jobs.  We both have applications in at the University of Illinois. Lynn in MTESL and I in Speech Language Pathology.  Please pray that the Lord's will will be done.  




Wow a lot has happened in the past few weeks.  After the wedding Lynn and I moved into my parent’s apartment.  I am very thankful for them allowing us to do that.  We were able to search for jobs and other essentials without paying rent.  However, now I have found a wonderful job at the University of IL.  

I am a network administrator for the ECE (electrical and computer engineering) department.   This job is very exciting.  I am enjoying it very much.  It is everything I was doing at Bob Jones plus more network and server administration.  The best part is it is a "come how you are" job.  Jeans and a t-shirt or shorts it doesn't matter.  It is just nice to be comfortable.

Since I have a new job we needed to fix our car situation.  So we hunted an entire Saturday.  That is a process I don't want to repeat anytime soon.  We found a dream car a 2003 Honda Accord with just over 55,000 miles on it.  It hit our price range and we are very happy with it.  

The new job was in Champaign instead of Danville (google maps) which is quite a trek from where we were living.  So we found a wonderful apartment in Champaign that is close enough that I walk every morning to work (I would say it is about as far as Graves is from the DC on campus).  

So those are the big things in our life that have changed.  We will post pictures as we find time.  All of this happened in about a week’s time.  So it happened so fast we barely had time to breathe.  

Lynn found a job.  She just had an interview to become a personal banker.  She was called back the very next day to come back for a second interview.  She is working for Main St. Trust as a teller, and will be training to be a personal banker.  It seems that in this company one can move very quickly and we are hoping that she becomes a personal banker quickly. 

Everything else is going quite well. Lynn and I are settling in.  We are going to start the church shopping stage.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you get the chance please leave us an email message.  Also check back often. 

The biggest news is that the wedding pictures are here!

Thanks for checking in on us.

mjr / lmr