I grew up in Danville IL.  I attended First Baptist Christian school/church 1st-12th grades.  I am very thankful for the church because that is where I was saved during junior church in the second grade.  My youth pastor was preaching about running the Christian race, and I realized that I wasn't even on the race track.  A year later I was baptized at the church. 

I am very thankful to my parents who have motivated me in Christ and in my schooling.  I don’t know where I would be without them.  I am forever indebted.   

While growing up I have always had a fascination with music.  I started playing the baritone in 4th grade and never looked back.  I competed every year in brass and even placed third in state in junior high.  One year my mother told me I should sing, but if I competed in a vocal solo I would not be able to compete in brass.  I told her that if I did not place this year (sophomore year) I would compete in voice.  Well I didn't place, so I made good on my promise and started voice lessons.  That next year I placed first in state and competed in nationals.  The rest is history.  I came to BJU my freshmen year as a Music Education major.  I just finished with my M. Music degree from Bob Jones University.  My goal is to obtain a Speech Language Pathology degree from the University of IL and eventually move to California helping small churches with music while working professionally in the hospital.

I am thankful that the Lord brought Lynn and I together.  I look forward to starting our lives together.

Mark Rosedale

Dover, New Hampshire will always be my childhood hometown. I lived there for all of my school years. I love the small New England/Seacoast environment. I attended public school 1st through 3rd grade, home schooled 4th through 6th, and went to SENHCA (South Eastern NH Christian Academy) for 7th through 12th. My family began attending Heritage Baptist Church when I was twelve years old. It was there that I first heard that Jesus loved me so much that He died for my sins. His loved changed my life completely. I was both saved and baptized that year. God is good.

After graduating from high school I heading straight to Bob Jones University where I received an undergraduate degree in Women's Ministries. Then I spent a year living in Northeastern China teaching English at a University. It was a childhood dream of mine to go to China. I absolutely loved my time there and wouldn't trade those experiences for the world. After a year there I returned to Bob Jones to pursue a Master's degree in Secondary Education. This is where I fell in love with my best friend Mark! 

I am greatly looking forward to getting married on July 22nd and started our lives together.

Lynn (Casey) Rosedale