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BBC's "Connections" series
"Connections explores an 'Alternative View of Change' that rejects the conventionally linear and teleological view of historical progress. Rather, the entire gestalt of the modern world is the result of a web of interconnected events."

Many if not all these links happen to via Wikipedia, it's often difficult to come up with better. (Although shorter might be nice!)

Surprising Design Connections
#1. [1970's] Porsche and AMC (American Motors Corporation)

(Left) 1975 AMC Pacer. Designer Dick Teague
(Right)1978 Porsche 928. Designer Tony Lapine (Later model shown.)

Porsche design chief Tony Lapine boldly admitted that significant inspiration for the 1978 Porsche 928 was the work of AMC design chief Dick Teague, specifically the "lost-in-(production)-translation" 1975 AMC Pacer. I kid you not.

Lapine credits Teague
Might have been in the June 1979 Road & Track.
Dick Teague: American Motors Corp. Design Chief
Anatole "Tony" Lapine German/American Porsche Design Chief

#2. [1960's] Toyota 2000 and Datsun 240Z

The Toyota 2000GT and the Datsun 240Z share some remarkably unique design-styling features. Perhaps most obviously in the little access panels either side of the hood on both cars. (Access to battery and master-cylinder in the Datsun, while in the Toyota, mostly engine compartment vents, although removal of the right-side one provides more access to the battery.)
There is great controversy about who the primary designer(s) was (were) for these cars, (including one German/American designer; Albrecht Goertz), but there is little doubt that the Datsun and Toyota were outgrowths of earlier design work done for Yamaha!

Goertz and the controversy about the two cars
You Can Not Get There From Here
Oh yes he did, Oh no he didn't.
Goertz and the murky origins of competing sports cars

#3. [1940's] P-38 Lightning / Lockheed Constellation airliner / 1948 Cadillac Fastback

Lockheed designer Kelly Johnson was responsible for the Constellation and also for the earlier, wild-looking P-38 "Lightning" heavy fighter, the plane that inspired Harley Earl's famous 1948 Cadillac Series 61 Sedanet Fastback. The wing shape of the WWII P-38 heavy fighter was essentially the same as the Constellation's, just scaled-up. Harley Earl kicked off a design theme that would
be prevalent for more than a decade.

The P-38 and "Connie" wing similarity
Harley Earl was wowed by a P-38 he saw

P-38 illustration by Rikyu Watanabe / Cadillac photo by Todd Lappin

#4. [1930's] Volkswagen/Tatra/Ganz

Part of my interest in Tatra's had to do with VW's Dr. Ferdinand Porsche stealing the idea for the Beetle from Tatra's Hans Ledwinka. (A fine against VW was awarded to Tatra in 1961, nearly 30 years later.)

Well, the story goes that the revolutionary "Folks-wagen" concept and break-through engineering prototype was really created by a different German, NOT Czech-born Dr. Porsche, OR the Austrian-born Czech, Hans Ledwinka.

(Interestingly the prototyype had the superior rear-MID-engine layout.)

It seems there was problem for the political authorities in 1933 posed by this creative genius behind the VW Beetle.... The problem for the Nazi's?...
Dr. Josef Ganz was a Hungarian-born Jew.

Eesh, it looks like car enthusiasm and nasty politics ARE inexorably intertwined.
(click on image for larger view)

- Documentary movie project: The True Origins of the Volkwagen. []
- Dr. Josef Ganz, on []
- the Tatra-VW Connection []
#5 [1960's] The legendary FORD GT40 evolved from a CHEVY

(Oh no!, not more fodder for the "Ford vs. Chevy" inanity.)

"The Chevrolet engined Lola's evident potential persuaded the Ford Motor Company's management to take on Derek Broadley's design as the basis of its epochal Ford GT racing program."

The Original GT [Business Week]