I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the autumn of 1951.   The picture of me above was from one afternoon back in Pochun, Korea, in 1986, in the always pleasant and stimulating company of  my dear friend, David Kosofsky, who took the photo.  Pochun at the time was being "discovered" by the rapidly-growing (some would say metastasizing) megalopolis of Seoul, and thus was losing its rural charms.  I took David there both to show him where I'd spent my first two years in Korea and to see how many old memories had survived, intact, the changes to the town and its environs.  The two-story building about two hundred meters in the background is Pochun Girls' Middle and High School, where I had spent two memorable years pretending to teach English to classes of 60 or more seventh grade girls, from March 1974 to December, 1975.  The pose in the photo is intentionally silly.