Like Shit Through a Tin Horn

        "You should be a writer," they kept telling me.


A Failure of Sorts

A Good Home-Run Swing

A Morning Stroll

A Small Stream

Applied Science


Chamber of Commerce

Close Observation of a Plant


Die, Bambi, Die!

Edith Schrantz, Pedant

Happy Birthday to You

Mission Accomplished

My Garden

Pale Yellow Light

Recycle? Sure.

Sailing to Somewhere


The Death of Zane Grey



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 A writer/photographer friend: 

Let me explain the title.  My father had a bagful of sayings which he'd pull out at the drop of a hat (one of his favorites).  Among the dozens of aphorisms, witticisms, and plain old cliches is one that I have always loved, standing out in my mind as the sine qua non of John McTague-isms.  And if his reaction to his own words is any indication, it was his favorite, too.  "Just like shit through a tin horn," he'd say.  And then the subtle, sly smile would appear at  the right corner of his mouth.

Growing up, I heard it a million times, but never knew what it meant nor got a clear explanation out of my father.  "It's just something people said back when I was young."  I'd never heard anyone else say it, except for one character in an obscure WWII movie I saw last year who said "Like crap through a tin horn."  Until then, I'd wondered whether dad had made it up.  He hadn't.  He was far too honest for that.  Whatever it means, I've always liked the sound of it.

I'm not a writer.  Maybe I wish I were.  What you find here are simple stories.  They come from my life.  I suppose you could say they're non-fiction, but I'm not so sure.  I'm not sure about a lot of things.  One thing is certain, however--I wrote them.  I will post more as they come. 

Like shit through a tin horn, eh, Pap?