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Organizational Transformation

Today’s state DOTs and other transportation agencies face enormous challenges: deteriorating infrastructure, shrinking funding, escalating demands, and a sometimes hostile environment in which to work. And yet they often operate with a “legacy” organizational structure and blurred vision and goals. Do you need help to prepare your organization to survive and thrive in the 21st Century?

Our experience
• Twenty-eight years of professional experience, including senior leadership positions, at a major state DOT.
• Wrote a white paper providing advice on future organizational structure and relations among transportation agencies, with special reference to the federal reauthorization debate, for a national transportation reform organization.
• Currently doing research for a paper on state DOT organizational change.
• Experienced facilitator at all organizational levels.
• Extensive contacts with state DOT staff, especially in the Northeast.
• Helped to lead Smart Growth—oriented organizational transformation at a major state DOT, including leadership of a Smart Growth Implementation Team.
• Professional and academic training in management and organizational theory.

What we can do for you
• Organize and facilitate change teams in your agency.