Services & Specialties


We work on apps for the iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.  Our apps are listed on this page. More are coming all the time.  Having years of experience on enterprise systems, we can create apps to work with your systems too.

Mobile apps

  • Trivia Fun 
    • Thousands of facts
    • Both a paid and free version
    • Map and wiki capabilities to explore
    • Uses SQLite DB and REST Web service
    • Watch the video here
  • Theme Songs
    • App to quiz you on your memory of themes for movies, television shows, and commercials.
    • Uses audio
    • Watch a video here
  • Hidden Sayings
    • Guess the meaning behind picture puzzles.
    • Uses fuzzy string logic.
    • Watch a video here

Specialties and Services

  • We specialize in mobile and object-oriented software development.
  • We can help you deliver your own solutions on the iOS and Android platforms.