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Australian Model Train Shops
Train Trader Pymble, NSW. Marklin & Others - New & second hand, rare items
Hobbyco Sydney, NSW. Marklin & Others, occasional bargains, has buyers club
Frontline Newcastle, NSW. Marklin & Others - Moderate stock levels, worth visiting
Woodpecker Toongabbie, NSW. English models, digital installation, friendly family staff
Toms Hobbies West Ryde, NSW. Australian & Others. Trainorama and Austrains
Frey Import & Export Langwarrin, Victoria. Marklin & European. Wide range of hard to find stock
Orient Express Unley, South Australia. Australian, European and American models plus specialist lines.


Overseas Model Train Shops

Micro Macro Mundo Inc Miami, Florida, USA. Well laid out site, good prices, sales, quick delivery
Reynaulds Euro-Imports Illinois, USA. Very well laid out site with sort facilities, good prices
Euro Rail Hobbies Vancouver, BC, Canada. Well laid out site, good prices, $Can & $US prices
Marklin Shop Online Goppingen, Germany. Compare factory prices with shop prices

Tototrains Kansas Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Good prices, bPay, cheque, no credit card


European Model Train Manufacturers
Märklin America Märklin Model Railways North American English site
HAG Switzerland HAG HO scale prototypes of DC & AC Swiss Electrics. German
Roco Austria Roco HO. DC, AC European prototype, well detailed but fragile. German
Fleischmann Germany Fleischmann HO. DC and some AC European prototype. German


Australian Model Train Manufacturers

Austrains Australian HO high quality models of diesels and steam locos
Eureka Models Australian HO high quality models of diesels, steam and railcars

British Model Train Manufacturers

Hornby Trains British OO, many Great Western Railway models. New DCC system
Bachmann British OO scale Bachmann & N scale Graham Farish, Liliput European


Model Railway Software
Auran/Trainz Australian website for Trainz Railroad Simulator software
PC Railways Two Tasmanians trying to model the whole 150kM Emu Bay Railway
Steam4me Microsoft Train Simulator with Australian add ons
UK Train Sim English and some European add ons to Train Simulator in the UK
Softrail Supplier of 'Train Despatcher', 'Train Master' and 'Track Builder'


Railway DVD, Books
Series 567 Rail Video Australian Railway DVDs. Australian, European & American videos
Tasmanian Steam Alive Tasmanian Railway Videos. Good selection of subjects and prices
ARHS Bookshop Australian Railway Historical Bookshop. All books and periodicals
Ian Allen Superstore English Railway Publisher, Midland books great to order from.


World Railways
World Rail Fans
'The place for like minded people to discuss "just about anything" railway'
Bahnbilder Impressive large photo gallery of trains in most world countries. German
123world Links to the official railway web sites. German
Railpictures.net American photo gallery site with railway pictures from almost any country
Funet Railway Archive World Rail Enthusiasts site for info on various railways of the world
Indian Railways Fan Club A thriving community of railway enthusiasts. English.
Click on Site Map link at the bottom of the page. Marklin models mentioned at http://www.irfca.org/faq/faq-model.html

European Railways
Helmut Kern European / mainly German train specs, photo gallery plus matching models
Railfan Europe.net European Rail Enthusiasts site for info on European Railways. English
Train Net European Train Forum with picture gallery of specific trains. English
Lokomotiv Kosenamen Encyclopaedia of named European locos. German
Johan's Zwitserleven gevoel Dutch personal web site devoted to Swiss Railways. Dutch
Jan Nillson Rail Pictures Swedish web site with photos of Swedish, Swiss and European trains

German Railways
Lokodex German locos. Click on "Vorbild" then "Lokomotive". German
Alfons Schuerhaus German Steam Locos. Click on "Baureihen 01 - 99" for details. German
Wagner Point German trains, models. Click on "grossbetrieb" or "modellbahn". German
DBtrains History and specifications of German trains. Click on 'English' to proceed
Bahnstatistik German photo gallery. Click on "Sitemap", "Galerien" for pictures. German
dLok German train encyclopaedia. Discover how the steam loco works. English
Eisenbahnbilder German photo gallery. Very easy to navigate. German
Bildschirmschoner Galerien German photo gallery. Download bitmap images and descriptions of locos
Mittenwaldbahn German Railcar site. German
German Railway Timeline Link to German railways timeline and Epoch / Era information
German Train Formations Link to German train formations
Locomotive Numbering Link to Locomotive and rolling stock numbering (click 'OTHER' link)

Scandinavian Railways
Scandanavian Rail Society Scandanavian enthusiasts web site based in England
Jernbane Net Click "Norske Tog" Norway, "Tog i utlandtet" for Scandinavian. Norwegian
Arctic Trains Kiruna-Narvik Iron Ore Line. Excellent quality pictures. English
Lokstallet Swedish picture gallery of 'Roundhouse' group. English & Swedish
Jarnvag.net Lokguide Swedish photo gallery sorted by motive power then type number. Swedish
Seisake.net - Kuvat Finnish. Details and specs of Finnish Locos and rolling stock. Finnish
Railway Page for Finland Finnish Railways web site. Modern Finnish rolling stock. Finnish
Kuvasivu Finnish picture gallery of Finnish rolling stock. Finnish
Danish Railway Archive Danish enthusiasts homepage for Danish & Norwegian trains. English

English Railways
UK Steam Info Preserved Steam in the United Kingdom enthusiasts site
Great Western Archive Great Western Railway Society enthusiasts site
South Devon Railway Trust The Ashburton line in preservation from Totnes to Buckfastleigh.