Research page of Mark Thordal Le Quement


       Details: Associate professor, School of Economics, University of East Anglia, Registry building, office 3.24,, Phd EUI 2009.


   Current research:

         Disliking to disagree, (january 2019 version),  (slides), with F. Hoffmann and K. Khalmetski, mimeo, (Appendix).

         News begets news: A model of endogenously repeated costly consultation, (march 2019 version), (slides), with K. Kawamura, (previously presented under the title "A simple theory or media"), mimeo, (Appendix).

         Communication as gift exchange, (october 2018 version),  (slides), with A. Patel, mimeo, (Appendix).

         Ambiguous communication: An experimental analysis, 2017, with K. Kellner and G. Riener.


           Published or forthcoming papers:
           Communication and voting in heterogeneous committees: An experimental analysis, 2019, with I. Marcin, forthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Endogenous ambiguity in cheap talk (may 2017 version), (slides), 2018, with C. Kellner, Journal of Economic Theory.

The (human) sampler's curses, 2016, American Economic Journal Micro,  (Online Appendix  analyzing the simultaneous case).

Modes of ambiguous communication, 2017, with C. Kellner,  Games & Economic Behavior,  (Online Appendix).

Communication and consistency in committees, 2015, with I. Deimen and F. Ketelaar, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 160, pp. 24-35, (previous long version) .

Subgroup deliberation and voting, 2014, with V. Yokeeswaran, Social Choice & Welfare, vol. 45, pp. 155-186.

Communication compatible voting rules, 2012, Theory and Decision, vol 74, pp. 479-507.

Systematic bailout guarantees and tacit coordination,  2014, with C. Bertsch and C. Calcagno, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Advances, vol. 1, pp. 1-36.


Contrarian persuasion, 2014, mimeo.