Over the years I have enjoyed writing about my adventures and observations and general things that amuse me. As I have lived overseas the list of these adventures has grown and the number of weird things that have caught my attention have increased to the point that normal letter writing just doesn't get the job done anymore. As a result there are countless stories that remain untold. For a story teller like me that is a disaster.

So, as a means to rectifying that situation, and as an added bonus entering the 21st Century, I thought I'd try one of those home page / blog thingy's. I don't know exactly what this is, but maybe that's not important. Anyway, my goals are simple. I enjoy writing, I like to tell stories and I would like to keep my memories for later when my mind starts to fail me.

I'm going to try to keep the volleyball stuff and other stuff separate because for some reason I don't understand some people don't find volleyball as endlessly interesting and intriguing as me. So most of the volleyball stuff is in the Season Diary. The general stuff is in individual stories. There is of course lots of overlap because for me the line between volleyball and life is a particularly faint one. For the sake of neatness, I have put all the stories from before May 2008 in the Archive 2007-2008.

We'll see how it goes... and if you want to leave a comment feel free to click here. And if you want to check out my facebook page, you can do that too.

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