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Should I Fire My Immigration Attorney?

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Immigration lawyers are those law experts who help people in the case when they wish to immigrate out of their native country either for employment purpose, to seek an asylum, for family or for education. These lawyers help to deal with all those complexities or bureaucratic difficulties that may arise in the process of filing for immigration and then getting selected for the interview. Without the help of a qualified, experienced well trained immigration attorney, one may have to face several puzzles on the way and may get tangled in the legal maze. But if these problems even come up when you have a legal aid by your side, then you must know that it may be time to think about firing your immigration attorney.

Many people wonder which is the right time to say goodbye to a family based immigration attorney or an education based immigration lawyer. You must first know that you hold the right to do so anytime you wish or anytime you feel like the lawyer isn’t producing good enough results for you. The following given situations are a few cases when you must fire the attorney and look for a new one:

  • Immigration lawyers cannot always spin up magic to make the way totally clear for you but they must atleast be able to smoothen up the road. But if a situation comes up where he/she isn’t suggesting the right documents or keeping you informed about the entire legal procedure to follow, you must digest the fact that it is time to say goodbye. Legal paper work in the case of immigration is the mainstay of the process and if your lawyer isn’t able to guide you with this basic thing, then he might not be qualified or experienced enough.

  • If your lawyer gives you any kind of wrong information or makes any written mistakes on the immigration documents or forms, then this is another situation where you must decide to get rid of him due to incompetence.

  • In some cases, immigration attorneys make the mistake of not accompanying clients to immigration related hearings or interviews. While this may not always work out that bad but if you feel that your attorney did it to save time or put you in a difficult spot, then you hold the right to fire him right away. One of the main duties of an immigration expert is to represent you or be by your side during such procedures which may be difficult to handle on your own.

  • Some other situations include not speeding up the process, not giving enough time to your case, not being available when needed and mishandling your case in any other way.

It is difficult to identify whether the root of a problem during an immigration process was really the lawyer or was it you who made a mistake. Make sure you take this decision of firing only after enough consideration and analysis. Log on to to avail top quality immigration law services in Northern Virginia