I was born March 14th 1976 in Rauma, Finland. As I was little, we had an old German piano, totally out of tune, lying around at home. I recall how great it was to play the keys and create all kinds of chords with it. I believe I was around four then. That tells something about my way of composing; my greatest pleasure is simply improvising to get the idea of a composition.

Later I started to learn guitar playing, and I took guitar lessons when I was eight. After that, I continued with keyboard and music theory lessons at the local music school. At the same time I also played in a school band with my friends. Those were the times of my younghood.

I got married in 2004. We have five sons: the first one was born in December 2005 and his identical twin brothers in April 2008. Our fourth son was born in August 2013. Fifth son's birthday is in July (2015).

Markku Mattila in his studio

Markku Mattila
Markku Mattila portrait

Markku Mattila