This project will enhance curriculum delivery through the development of an innovative assessment feedback system. Existing e-based technologies (currently available through the existing VLE) will be used in an innovative way to develop an integrated process which will collate feedback, guide student reflections and facilitate their use of feedback to improve performance and inform  their ensuing aspirations. The emphasis on reflection will enhance the student learning process. The process will also provide a centralised transparent system for staff to share feedback in order to provide better overall guidance to students.

Our main aim is to transform the student experience of assessment by engaging them, together with staff, in a process of reflection on feedback for learning. Specific objectives include:


·         The development of a student centred process for reflection on feedback (eReflect)

·         The effective use of online technologies to facilitate a process that is ordered, manageable, efficient and effective.

·         Dissemination and transfer of the model for reflection and action on feedback to other subject areas.


Achieving the aim and objectives will enable students to act on the feedback they receive hence improving their performance and achievement. In addition other stakeholders across the university will, through the dissemination activities, see how the methods for e-feedback and formative assessment can impact positively on student performance.

Project Intro